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Front-end developer (React) - Technology Startup


от 2000 $

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Описание вакансии

Условия работы

About us

Whisk aims to be to food what Pandora.fm and Spotify are to music, with a mission to empower people to live happier lives through food. Our app help people curate a cookbook and shopping list from various sources and then recommends ways they can improve their food life through our Food Genome™ technology. We use natural language processing to analyse hundreds of thousands of recipes to draw out the relationships between ingredients, how food is cooked, and the nutritional value and flavour profile of dishes. We’ll then give users recommendations to reduce food waste, increase flavour enjoyment, improve nutrition and save money based on personal preferences.

We are venture funded and have a successful track record; our application is seen by over 30m people every month, we create over 200k monthly shopping lists and work with the largest food manufacturers (e.g. McCormick), retailers (e.g. Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Ocado, Peapod) and publishers (About.com, Allrecipes, FoodNetwork) in the US, UK, AU and around the world. Dan Cobley, MD Google UK/Ireland said “Whisk is making the moment to buy really matter”.

Why you should join us

We’ll do our best to make working at Whisk rewarding. We’re a fast-moving startup with small team, you’ll be working on a greenfield project and we’re keen to adopt cutting-edge technologies - nothing slow and clunky.

About you

We're looking for experienced and highly passionate JavaScript developers with interest in cutting-edge web applications. You will participate in architecting the project - we’re looking for the best of the best who can join our team with experience. We hope you get as excited about tech as we do!

Required skills:

* proven, outstanding client-side JS knowledge

* React production experience

* Experience with implementation of responsive layouts.

* A keen eye for design and user experience. (HTML/CSS skills)

* JS tooling experience: automated quality assurance; test and deployment automation.


* Webpack, browserify, bower, gulp, npm, and other JS tooling

* EcmaScript 6 knowledge

* ReactNative or other practical experience developing apps for mobile in JavaScript

* Functional Programming approach (lodash, RxJS, Transducers)

* Experience developing great long-term projects with React and Redux

* Knowledge of development patterns and best practices

* Experience with Facebook Parse platform (parse.com)

* Experience with Server-Side Rendering (Isomorphic applications)

Дополнительные инструкции

Please describe you production experience with React and it's ecosystem