Senior JavaScript Developer


от 55 000 до 60 000 €



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Гаага (Нидерланды)Полный рабочий день


Our main activity is to connect product companies in the EU and UK with highly-skilled software engineers.

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About the client:

We’re a dynamically growing company, headquartered in The Hague, NL, that creates safety solutions for oil, gas and petrochemical companies. The systems and technologies that we offer are all unique and fit for the future needs and requirements. All our solutions are innovative and consumer-oriented - we do our best to help our clients build the right knowledge about safety and protection, help them analyze all the risks and, in some way, teach them how to prevent accidents during the work process. Being a leading company in the Netherlands, we work with big clients, well-known in the whole world. Shell, BP, Axe, Qatar Petroleum are just a few examples of the clientele we work with, and we work with the best. Our main mission is to give clients the right tools to improve return on investment with minimum risks and maximum safety.

Your Role:

  • Write codes, compliant with modern browsers, clear and bug-free;
  • Develop JavaScript-based applications, libraries and components that could become a reliable base for the company products;
  • Be a part of our agile and self-organized development team.

Your qualification:

  • Good knowledge of JavaScript programming language;
  • Go beyond existing frameworks, however know when it’s appropriate to use them;
  • Good analytical and programming skills;
  • Good understanding of DOM browser;
  • Understanding and knowledge hot to test frameworks;
  • Experience of working with CSS or Less;
  • Knowledge of Git or any other popular distributed version control systems;
  • Excellent English communication skills.

Not necessarily, but highly desirable:

  • An experience of working with SVG, WebGL, Canvas;
  • Sufficient knowledge of TypeScript or ECMAScript 6 Traceur;
  • Working experience with Node.js build systems;

Additional information:

  • We create innovative solutions to prevent a lot of manufacturing accidents;
  • We care about safety, quality and technology;
  • We value each worker and support their ideas so that they have got plenty of room to develop and grow on the career ladder;
  • We hold a lot of conferences, meetups, trainings, mentorships, etc. to ensure that our company members have got all the needed levers to grow as specialists;
  • We work in an informal international work environment;
  • We believe in success of our business and want to make it continuous.

Apart from great job opportunities, we offer you to work in the heart of Europe, ‘cause the Netherlands truly is! You’d need to spend just 40 mins to get to Paris from the Netherlands, 45 mins to fly to London and about 3 hours to get to Koln by train. Does it not sound attractive? Traveling so far is probably the only case when you’d have to use a public transport. Otherwise, you won’t find a country in the world with such amount of bicycles. They are everywhere. The Netherlands opens its arms wide to talented developers.

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Contacts For additional details on this role contact - Anna Symonenko symonenkoanna Have a great day!