Обо мне

I participate in strategic planning

Ensuring business continuity and security from an IT perspective

I organize the operation of existing systems, also carried out the modernization and optimization of SCS / LAN, FOCL

Design and use modern working methods using fault-tolerant OpenStack Docker LXC Xen CitrixXen solutions

Experience with geographically distributed infrastructure (branches throughout Ukraine)

Extensive IT horizons, rather extrovert by nature

Self-study "ITIL v3 Basics"

Self-study of "C", "Haskell", "Go", "Java", "Python", "Ruby"

GitHub profile - https://github.com/dtulyakov

I am the founder of the IT project blog.dtulyakov.ru, as well as the wiki of the dtulyakov.github.io project dedicated to UNIX systems and developments for them, network equipment, virtualization systems, etc.

Technical writer (pseudonym ttys), I write documentation and publish articles for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, as well as the organization of work in the enterprise

Article Resources:




ASKA, Ukrainian Joint-Stock Insurance Company, CJSC

Alexander Kirilyuk (Head of Security in Computer Systems)

+38 (095) -843-67-47

ADI Don NTU (Donetsk National Technical University)

Arkady Khimchenko (Head of CICT Department)

+38 (066) -574-34-31
Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
Научно-конструкторское бюро вычислительных систем
Lead DevOps Expert
Август 2019 — По настоящее время (1 год и 1 месяц)

Main stream:
Automation of product deployment with a complete cycle from the developer to installing the package on the server.

  • Configure time synchronization services (PTP, NTP)
  • Implementation of technologies for working with containers docker, podman, etc.
  • Implementation of continuous integration technologies Jenkins / GitLab-CI.
  • Nexus 3 based artifact server
  • Tuning and fine tuning OS Linux for a self-driving car
  • Network administration (routing, data flow separation)
  • Configuring and developing tools for monitoring the state of the OS and applications.
  • Research yocto project, mender, etc.
  • Research Nvidia docker
  • Research Nvidia Jetson Xavier
  • Research Slurm
  • Research enroot
Крупная, активно развивающаяся компания в сфере интернет продаж.
Senior DevOps Expert, CTO
Июль 2014 — По настоящее время (6 лет и 2 месяца)

• I am engaged in the search and selection of broadband Internet providers
• I am solving technical issues before signing contracts
• I was searching for a server room, supervised the installation of electrical work in those premises
• Combine nearby offices via Wi-Fi bridge, avoiding additional provider connection
• Implemented and maintained a platform for development based on container virtualization LXC, LXD, Docker
• Tested Solaris, OpenIndiana, SmartOS as a hypervisor for container virtualization
• Introduced Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool
• Introduced Ansible configuration management system
• Introducing Blue-Green Deployment
• I am implementing load testing Apache Jmeter, Siege, ApacheBench (ab) in conjunction with Jenkins
• Set up a monitoring system, alerts Zabbix
• Transferred mailings to Unisender service saving 2/3 of mailing costs
• Set up control of reports, increased the efficiency of newsletters
• Supervising and supporting projects in the Redmine system
• Configured a scheme from several Git repositories
• Configured a GitWeb web visualizer
• For greater independence, developers transferred projects to Bitbucket
• I support the HI-Load server nginx + varnish
• Implemented a distributed file system GlusterFS
• Optimized DBMS (MySQL, Percona, MariaDB) (memcached + sphinx etc)
• Set up Exim + DKIM + etc.
• Support message broker (RabbitMQ)
• Got an unforgettable experience in constant time pressure

company projects:

Developed by mojolicio.us
Using NodeJS, Bootstrap, php technologies

Защита от ddos-атак, хостинг, IP-транзит
Senior DevOps Engineer
Ноябрь 2017 — Июнь 2019 (1 год и 8 месяцев)

Main stream:
Automation of product deployment with a complete cycle from the developer to installing the package on the server.

  • GitLab
  • Gitlab CI
  • Jenkins (CI / CD)
  • Docker
  • Squid (peer mode)
  • Apache TrafficServer (ATS)
  • Kafka / Nats
  • Ansible (configuration management system)
  • Aptly (Debian repository management)
  • Nexus / JFrog (Artifactory - GIT Lfs, docker ... HELM)
  • Zabbix / Prometheus / Grafana / vFlow
  • Language: C / Python / bash ...
Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc. ("AIT, Inc.")
DevOps Expert
Август 2016 — Сентябрь 2017 (1 год и 2 месяца)

• Introduced Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool
• Introduced Ansible configuration management system
• Introduced Docker container virtualization development platform
• Supported the Nagios monitoring and alert system
• Introduced Git version control system based on GitLab
• Supported the hosting of CPanel / WHM
• Upgraded backup system
• Supported GlassFish / Payara Server

Разумная Цивилизация
DevOps Expert (Development Operations Administration and Performance Tuning Specialist)
Декабрь 2015 — Август 2017 (1 год и 9 месяцев)

Бесплатный проект - участники вносят свой вклад бесплатно

Используемые и поддерживаемые продукты в проекте:

• Контейнерная виртуализациия LXC, Docker

• Система непрерывной интеграции (CI/CD) Jenkins

• Система аркестрации Ansible

• Система управления проектами Redmine

• Менеджер репозиториев Sonatype Nexus

• Распределённая система управления версиями Git

• СУБД (MySQL, Percona, MariaDB)

• СУБД Cassandra

• Elasticsearch

• Java

• Ruby on Rails

• PHP но ведётся работа по переходу на NodeJS

ООО Сити.Нэт
System Administrator
Май 2013 — Июль 2014 (1 год и 3 месяца)

• I Informed of the crash of servers or node points - implemented a system of statistics and monitoring Zabbix
• I was engaged in restoring access to the management of the Autonomous System (AS), spoke on this issue with representatives of the regional Internet registrar (RIPE NCC)
• I support the local and global dynamic routing system OSPF BGP using the Quagga product
• Set up and administer abills billing system
• Set up the forward and reverse zones of DNS domain names (for the work of enterprise mail servers and subscribers)
• Managed the server running FreeBSD and OpenBSD
• Managed an active network equipment of D-Link Hewlett-Packard MikroTik Cisco Extreme vendors
• Moved the Abills billing system and the NAS access server system to FreeBSD, thereby increasing performance and reducing the load on the server - almost twice
• I was engaged in calculating the network topology using the technology of passive optical network PON, which allows us to abandon the use of active network equipment at intermediate points
• Implemented and maintained the work of a passive optical network using the GEPON equipment of the BDCOM vendor
• Created and developed the website of the company www.city-net.com.ua using the means of the CMS Wordpress product
• Created and developed a self-written system for monitoring the status of equipment ports using Ajax and jQuery
• Configured a version control server using the git product - for further development / modernization of the monitoring system "Ajax + jQuery"

System administrator
Март 2012 — Июль 2014 (2 года и 5 месяцев)
  • Designed and implemented a virtualization platform for the product complex "1C UU" + "1C BuchUchet"
  • Took an active part in selecting the hardware of the 1C server complex
  • In view of the lack of agreement on the level of service provision, in consultation with developers from the internal department, I designed the time methods and intervals for backing up data from the "database" server of the 1C product complex
  • Managed budget Qnap storage system to provide fault-tolerant backup storage
  • Introduced a software storage system using the open-source NAS4Free product (the old version was called FreeNAS) for encrypted storage of database backups for the 1C complex
  • Configured the database server running Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and database backup
  • Administrative platform for the "1C" complex consisting of a Windows 2008 R2 server terminal server, it is also a file server and print server, as well as RemoteApp application server and database server
  • Reduced the load on the main channel by introducing a proxy server, controlling and limiting access to the global Internet using the Squid product
  • Also introduced a proxy server, access to FTP and Torrent resources of the Internet using the 3proxy product
  • At the request of the head, I configured an additional server to control the passage of Internet traffic of users with Kerio Control Software Appliance
  • To ensure fault tolerance - implemented gateways (primary and secondary) running FreeBSD and OpenBSD
  • Redesigned the network topology using Vlan technology as well as introduced the internal DNS domain zone and the DHCP automatic address allocation service, reducing the network load from broadcast traffic
  • Introduced and administer OpenVPN tunnel VPN server to connect employees located outside the company’s resources
  • Implemented and administer servers in a virtual environment running Linux Debian and Ubuntu, reducing the cost of ownership of resources due to virtualization, and also increased the reliability and speed of resource recovery in case of failures and accidentsSet up and put into operation the internal corporate portal "1C-Bitrix"
  • Managed active network equipment D-Link Hewlett-Packard MikroTik
  • Creating a MESH network on Mikrotik devices
  • Testing Varnish and Nginx heavy load balancing proxies
  • Set up and Mantis bug tracking system
  • Testing eGroupWare collaboration software
  • Test system of inventory, working with applications and incidents (Glpi IT infrastructure manager)
  • Introduced a corporate portal of the "wiki" class for user instructions and training documentation
  • Configured and administer file servers using Samba product tools
  • Introduced the LXC container virtualization system on top of the Xen and Citrix XenServer paravirtualization systems, thereby obtaining a more flexible virtualization system
Leading IT Security Management Specialist (Acting Head of Security in Computer Systems)
Август 2011 — Март 2012 (8 месяцев)
  • I am engaged in the administration of the 1C server platform - Windows 2008 server
  • The domain was controlled by a Windows 2008 server controller with up to 30 client PCs
  • Served the Zabbix statistics and monitoring system workstations over 1000, servers over 60
  • Tested administered server running OEL 5/6
  • Maneged more than 60 AAA Kerberos + LDAP authorization servers running RedHat 4 / 5S
  • Also accompanied the work of more than 1000 computers running Linux RedHat / CentOS and Fedora
  • Administrated existing servers running FreeBSD 6x / 7x / 8x / 9x as well as Cisco PF Iptables firewalls
  • Configured a second Internet access channel (through another ISP) to balance the load
  • Reduced the load on the shared channel by setting up a proxy server for monitoring and limiting access to the global Internet with anti-virus scanning using the Squid + HAVP product
  • Introduced a data storage system for company developers through a combination of FreeBSD OS and ZFS file system with dynamic allocation of resource quotas
  • Administers EMC2 storage
  • Administrated a set of virtualization servers running on VMware ESX and ESXi technologies
  • Administrated mail servers in the main company and in (about) 70 branches running postfix, sendmail, dovecot, etc.
  • I've managed and restored after emergencies tunnel VPN connections of branches (throughout Ukraine)
  • I've managed, configured and controlled access security of active network equipment of Cisco and Hewlett-Packard vendors (suppliers)
  • Led reports on work in collaboration software eGroupWare
  • Worked with the application and incident management system (Glpi IT infrastructure manager)
  • Worked with a bug tracking system (Mantis)
  • Applied centralized backup (based on Bacula)

Leading Specialist
Октябрь 2008 — Август 2011 (2 года и 11 месяцев)
  • Provided the work of the park of computer and peripheral equipment and LAN
  • I was engaged in block repairs and modernization of office equipment
  • Installing Microsoft Windows software and OS on workstations
  • Introduced the Xen Cloud Platform virtualization system for internal and external services operating in the internal network of the institution
  • Launched Jail container virtualization system using FreeBSD OS
  • Set up a proxy server for external requests to the internal resources of the institution
  • Implemented a proxy server for controlling and limiting access to the global Internet using the Squid product
  • Created and maintained the company's website http://www.adidonntu.ru using the CMF Drupal product
  • Introduced the central administration tool of Kaspersky Administration Kit
  • Translated the institution’s gateway to FreeBSD
  • Introduced the internal domain zone and the service of automatic distribution of DHCP addresses
  • Designed a physical network topology as well as a logical one based on Vlan virtual network technology
  • I was engaged in the registration of the domain name of the institution "adidonntu.org.ua"
  • Implemented and maintained a mail server based on Exim, Dovecot, Google Apps products and a shared address book based on OpenLDAP
  • Managed the Microsoft Windows XP 2003 / 2k8 family of operating systems
  • I was engaged in testing virtual private networks using mpd products IPSec OpenVPN
  • Implemented and supported (XMPP) instant messaging and audio / video calls using the Ejabberd product
  • Implemented an FTP server running using the Pure-ftpd product
  • Introduced a billing system for enterprises from the product bundle pfstat sarg lightsquid sqstat vnstat
  • Managed server security and prioritize downloads using bundles of firewalls + QoS using PF + ALTQ Iptables IPF products
  • Also I am engaged in maintenance and user interaction

Высшее образование
Харьковский политехнический институт
Факультет: Компьютерные и информационные технологии
Январь 1999—Январь 2005 (6 лет)