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Обо мне

Strong understanding of modern frontend ecosystem. Love practical UX design, smooth animations and performance. Focused on bringing scalability, maintainability and code consistency to codebases.

Both on my work and out of the work I prefer to expand my skills and knowledge, to move forward and not stand still. I like to read, try new technologies and share knowledge.

I'm looking for companies that are working on challenging problems and have put together talented team to create awesome product that generate real value. Modern tech and a great work/life culture is desired.

You can find some examples of what I am interested in at my free time on GitHub: https://github.com/O4epegb

Keywords: React, Typescript, MobX, Redux, Node, Jest, Webpack, PostCss.

I have used Typescript heavily for my entire career so I would love to work with typescript base.
Strongly prefer functional style programming over OOP.
I have limited experience with TDD, because TDD with frontend is hard, static typing provides some sort of protection, but I know how to write tests and would not mind adopting TDD if your company values it. Used a lot of Jest, have some experience with e2e testing (puppeteer, cypress).
Webpack is a great tool and I use it extensively. Code-splitting, chunking, bundling - I love it all!
Have solid experience with Node.js, mostly Express REST-like API gateway servers with SSR for React applications. Willing to learn other backend languages.
Some experience with Electron, made several pet projects/experiments with it.
I played a little bit with React Native, and I think it is a very promising technology for mobile apps, so I would like to work with it.
Interested in all sorts of computer science stuff, algorithms, data structures, compilers, new languages.
Very keen about Open Source, if your company have some interesting OS projects then I would like to check them out and maybe even work on them.

Books I like: Joel on Software, Clean Coder, SICP, Algorithms Unlocked, Javascript Allonge, The Goal, The Mythical Man-Month, The Pragmatic Programmer, "Thinking, Fast and Slow"
Also interested in: Rust, Elixir, Racket

Профессиональные навыки
Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
Первый в России бизнес-мессенджер с проектным функционалом
Frontend Engineer
Июнь 2018 — По настоящее время (1 год и 9 месяцев)

Complex real time SaaS application. Mix between Slack, Trello and CRM with calls and some QoL features.

Fully distributed remote team.

Implemented frontend architecture from ground up.

Developed UI-kit library.

Developed big part of new API contracts so it can be used without pain at 3 platforms

Stack: React, MobX, Typescript, Node, lots of sockets and real time updates.

Разработка платформ для торговли на финансовых рынках
Frontend Engineer
Апрель 2018 — Июнь 2018 (3 месяца)

Worked on gamification system for finance trading application.

Stack: React, MobX, Flow

Мы ждем людей, которые хотят воплощать и развивать масштабные проекты
Frontend Engineer
Июнь 2017 — Март 2018 (10 месяцев)

Worked on React SSR application and Node API gateway server side.

Performed major UI redesign that affected all parts of the app.

Did frontend performance audit which greatly improved user experience for mobile users (at the same time fixed large amount of old crippling bugs).

Implemented different quality of life features, for example infinity scroll with dynamic "copypastable" url for SERP

Developed SSR rendered responsive news site (Next.js v1-v2)

Lots of code-review.

Tech stack: React, Redux, Node, Express, Redis, Docker.

Разработка программных продуктов для туристической индустрии
Frontend Engineer
Июль 2015 — Июнь 2017 (2 года)

1) Maintained legacy application (Angular, jQuery)
2) Planned and performed legacy code base migration to modern React/Typescript stack
3) Developed reusable UI-components library (and styleguide), implemented it to unify design in different projects
4) Developed several different utility libraries which were used by all company projects
5) Put into practice to use private npm repo
6) Some React tutoring for junior developers

Tech stack: Typescript, React, MobX, Redux, ReactJS.NET for SSR, Angular 1.x, jQuery.

Высшее образование
Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет кино и телевидения; ВИФФ; ПФТИ; ЛУКВиСК; ЛИКИ
Факультет: Аудио визуальной техники
Сентябрь 2008—Июнь 2013 (4 года и 9 месяцев)
Аудиовизуальная техника (инженер)