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Focus on quality and performance.
Work with TypeScript, React, Redux and styled-components. 

Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
Ведущий мировой поставщик услуг по разработке программного обеспечения и цифровых платформ
Software Engineer
Декабрь 2016 — По настоящее время (3 года и 9 месяцев)

I worked on 3 projects, which were connected to different business areas.

I was responsible for implementing new features, bug fix, test coverage, creating layout.

Now I'm working on redesign of the whole project: we need to migrate the app to a new structure and instruments.  Also we develop the ui-kit library for our application. We use React+Redux, TS, CSS-IN-JS via styled-components, @rebass/grid (next - reflexbox), Jest, lodash/ramda.js

Apart from that, my team work using the SCRUM metodology. We have some processes and flow, like code review, style guide, git flow, meetings, etc

Since August, 2019 I am a team leader.

Take participate in:

- Development of the UI-Kit Library

- Backlog development

- Architecture Design

- Set up tools for checking code quality

- Processing and evaluation of incoming tasks (time estimation)

- Team management

- Analysis and decomposition of tasks

- Development of new application functionality

- Code review

- Customer Communication 

- Interview

- Onboarding newcomers

Высшее образование
Рязанский государственный университет им. С.А. Есенина
Факультет: Физико-математический
Сентябрь 2012—Июль 2018 (5 лет и 10 месяцев)

Mathematical Software And Information Systems Administration (Bachelor);
Informatics and Information Technology (master)