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Обо мне

I have been a passionate Java 7/8 Developer for more than 10 years and Architect with rich expertise in Java EE. Proficient with modern back­end technologies such as Spring Framework and Spring MVC, Cloud services like AWS, servlet server Tomcat 7 and various DB design technologies (PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, CouchDB, Hibernate ORM).

For the last project I developed from scratch a cloud­-based service for restaurants automation which is multi­tiered back­end application itself. Have skills in Agile development and Quality assurance.

Профессиональные навыки
Опыт работы
сочетание CRM системы для привлечения гостей, инструментов учета и аналитики для увеличения прибыли
Chief Technical Officer
Февраль 2013 — По настоящее время (7 лет и 5 месяцев)
Business automatization software (SaaS) for restaurants and food services. Scope of responsibilities: Designing and development of restaurant and food service automatization software Designing of in­house application framework (module based applications) Managing of continuous delivery and integration processes Development team director (up to 10 people) Skills Java 7|8, Spring MVC, Hibernate ORM, PostgreSQL, Git, Maven, Gradle, Amazon AWS, Cloud Services, MicroServices, Tomcat 7
Комплексное, полностью интегрированное и гибкое платёжное ПО и услуги
Июль 2007 — Январь 2013 (5 лет и 7 месяцев)
Working as a programmer­analyst (senior engineer on following projects). These both projects were successfully deployed in “Neyva­bank” (Yekaterinburg city, http://www.neyvabank.ru). ATMs work under the software were certificated and verified by VISA. Projects -­ Development of banking software based on transactions online system. Developing an acquiring applications (“front” part of the software). Designing and building real­time monitoring tool for ATMs and kiosks. Using technologies and languages for the project Java SE, Qt4, QtJambi, NetBeans IDE, XML, XMLBeans, three­tier architecture, SQL, Oracle database, Design and Enterprise patterns. Skills Using RadixWare platform (conceptions are similar to Java EE). Experience in building application forms using Qt 4 (QtJambi).
Июнь 2004 — Май 2007 (3 года)
Designing and development of mobile banking system Contains server part (using FloraWare) and client for mobile phones using JavaME. ATMs MobiCash software Developing an application for in­house ATM’s. Using technologies and languages for the projects FloraWare, C++, JavaME.
Высшее образование
Магнитогорский государственный технический университет им. Г.И. Носова
Факультет: Автоматики и вычислительной техники
Январь 2003—Январь 2007 (4 года)
Industrial electronics course Diploma engineer