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Celebes - Minimalist Small Kitchen Design

Celebes - Minimalist design is known for the right design for a small size residence. This minimalist design is just right for your small kitchen design. The key to this minimalist design is the number of necessary equipment and simple cabinet mode. Without the arrival of many difficult furniture, the kitchen will feel more relieved.

www.celebes.org - Hidden Small Kitchen Design Because of the small size of the room, often the kitchen is in a room with a dining room. For you who feel uncomfortable making a kitchen and dining room, the trick that can be applied is the design of a small hidden kitchen. This small kitchen design can be hidden using folding partitions or brightly colored curtains. When you want to cook, open the lid. Now, when you want to eat and get a comfortable situation, hide your kitchen.

Celebes - Use Hidden Furniture in Small Kitchen Designs In determining the design of small kitchens, it means that you have to choose what furniture you should have and that is not so necessary so that space does not become narrow. If there are some furniture that cannot be kicked out, the solution is to use minimalist furniture that can be hidden when not needed. For example just like a table planted in the following cabinet. Pull this hidden table out of the cabinet when you need it.

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