О компании

Our business is trading crypto. We never raised an ICO, and we aren't going to do that.

We trade our own capital at our own risk. We specialize in fully-automated algorithmic trading strategies. We study market history and human psychology, read scientific articles and perform statistical analysis to constantly figure out new ways to approach markets. Our technology team focuses on finding solutions which will allow our strategies to run. We are constantly learning and experimenting as it helps us to come up with new ideas, formulate a hypothesis and work hard trying to reject it. When something doesn't break, that means that is the exact thing we want to develop into our production strategy.

What does a technology team do?

  • Contribute to an open source trading engine based on Lean
  • Collect trading history, orderbook history, and other data from major crypto exchanges
  • Create a strategy optimization system that helps to backtest and to choose the most suitable trading strategies
  • Create execution algorithms that define the entry and exit point for positions without moving the market too much

We are looking for Quants and Python Developers.
If you haven't found a vacancy that is relevant to your experience but working with us sounds interesting, contact us on team@rcdb.io

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