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О компании «Postgres.ai»

Postgres.ai is the world’s first and only PostgreSQL consulting team consisting of human and artificial DBAs/DBREs, with a strong focus on automation of all aspects of database administration, including performance, scalability and reliability of large-scale Postgres clusters.

We're working on a set of new technologies that will give database experts and any backend engineers:

  • A better vision of Postgres performance minimizing necessity in manual efforts.
  • A better control over large amounts of databases with lots of data.
  • The ability to run database experiments to find and check optimization ideas, to tune Postgres and to do regression testing.
  • An automatic ML-based analysis of scalability and performance, forecasting and improvements advising.

We develop and make use of open source.

Right now, our main efforts are devoted to the development of a platform to conduct database experiments (in clouds or on-prem, using the production data clone and real workload simulation), there are several companies with databases from few hundred GBs to few TBs, which are the early adopters of this approach.

About the Founder: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samokhvalov

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