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I'm engaged in frontend from 2010. My preference in frontend is Vue, bundled with webpack. Also I have a lot of experience with jQuery, Require.js, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, some experience with Angular. In markup - css3, html5, SCSS, LESS, bootstrap. Jest for tests, newrelic and chrome devtools for profiling and monitoring.


I'm engaged in backend from 2010 mostly in PHP with Symfony + Doctrine, Yii2 and Yii. Databases - I've used PostgresSQL and MySQL mostly. For testing PHP code I'm using PHPUnit, Behat, Codeception. Scrutinizer, Blackfire and newrelic help me with that.


DDD, System Design, TDD, BDD, Design Patterns, Unix, git, CI(Travis, Azure DevOps), CD(Jenkins+Capistrano, Azure DevOps) and code review are necessary parts of my workflow. 

English - upper intermediate


Languages: JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Java, some experience with VB.net, C;

Databases: SQL(MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL);

Frameworks and Libraries: JavaScript(Vue2, jQuery, Require.js, Backbone.js, Underscore.js), PHP(Symfony 2, Doctrine, Yii2, Yii), CSS(flex, grid, Bootstrap 3), tests(Jest, PHPUnit, Behat, Codeception);


API: AWS, Amazon Pay, Google Maps, PayPal;

VCS: git, svn;

Bug/Issue trackers: github, gitlab, Azure DevOps;

Miscellaneous: I also have some experience Java(Android). Work with scrum and kanban methodology, use unix(Debian mostly), use git and github flow. Webpack, Travis/Azure DevOps for CI, Jenkins+Capistrano for CD. Chrome DevTools for js debug, Blackfire and xdebug for backend, papertrail and newrelic for monitoring back and front. Experience with Docker, RabbitMQ, Redis, Scrutinizer, Cordova, Titanium, Android, Angular 2.

Профессиональные навыки
Опыт работы
Специализированная CRM-система для интернет-торговли
Март 2020 — По настоящее время (8 месяцев)
Full-Stack Developer (Back+Front)
Июнь 2017 — Июнь 2018 (1 год и 1 месяц)

Web platform about cargo transportation. Connect drivers and customers. Stack - Yii2 as REST, Vue2 on front, MySQL as DB

1) Implement backend and front

2) Review

Development подразделение корпорации Farheap Solutions
Lead Developer
Январь 2017 — Февраль 2020 (3 года и 2 месяца)

Web platform for big printing company. Many integrations with third party services like AS3, Amazon Pay etc. Tech stack - PHP7, Symfony 4, Postgres, Redis, RabbitMQ, ES2018, Backbone, jQuery

  • webpack integration to the project 
  • move project to REST api 
  • moving from github+jenkins CI/CD to Azure DevOps 
  • integrate Docker to the project
  • different architecture design ideas/solutions
Senior Full stack developer
Август 2016 — Январь 2017 (6 месяцев)
  • remove legacy code 
  • implement new features 
  • move project to REST api 
  • write integrational and unit tests
PHP developer
Июнь 2015 — Июль 2016 (1 год и 2 месяца)
  • remove legacy code 
  • implement new features 
  • move project to REST api
  • write integrational and unit tests
Наша Версия
PHP developer
Июнь 2011 — Июнь 2015 (4 года и 1 месяц)

News agency “Saratov Version”
Migration from self-writed CMS to Yii and then to Yii2, normalize MySQL database. Tech stack - Yii2, MySQL, jQuery
1) rewrite site using Yii framework
2) design database structure and migrate from legacy
3) front- and backend development

Мы – коллектив единомышленников!
Full Stack Engineer
Июль 2010 — Июль 2011 (1 год и 1 месяц)

1) development of own CMS
2) manage project's deadlines and development

ООО Техноимпульс
Системный администратор
Январь 2010 — Май 2010 (5 месяцев)
Обязанности: - Системный администратор
Высшее образование
Саратовский государственный технический университет имени Ю.А. Гагарина
Факультет: Международный образовательный центр
Январь 2007—Январь 2012 (5 лет)