Обо мне

Middle / Senior full stack developer

(2+ y. in Team leading / 5+ y. in developing);

Specialized in fullstack JavaScript (ES5/ES2015, Node.js) development with experience in (in order of preference):

  • Aurelia;
  • React;
  • Angular;
  • Polymer;
  • With tools: JSPM, Grunt / Gulp, Webpack, CommonJS, Babel;
  • Common flow: Git, npm, scrum, kanban board;
  • Efficient in: HTML+SVG, CSS / Sass (Atomic design, BEM); Bootstrap, Compass, FRP, AMD;
  • Also: Google api (maps, mail, calendar... etc.), mongodb, postgresql, neo4j, nginx, redis, bash, trello, SEO, scheme.org, accessibility;

    Self-taught specialist from Minsk, it's long story how I went down to the IT.

    Started doing small sites and games, increased to consulting, designing microservices ecosystem and frameworks for company usages in wide range of internal products. My ability to imagine, evaluate ideas, and develop the final product also love find the best solutions the problems I met on my way.

    I am active member of local developers community, participate in hackatons and meet-ups. Also participated in several start-ups, extend my communication and networking skills.

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