Vladimir Avsievich

iOS developer · Приложения · Разработка ПО
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Возраст: 44 года
Опыт работы: 15 лет и 11 месяцев
Регистрация: 07.01.2009
Последний визит: 2 года назад
Местоположение: Беларусь, Брест
Профессиональные навыки: Restful api · Xcode · Soap · Objective-С · Sqlite · Cocos2d-iphone · CoreData · C++ · Разработка под iOS
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Обо мне

My skills:
iOS SDK, objective-c
SOAP/RESTful web-services
XML/JSON serialization
push notifications

I am looking for iOS outsourcing project.
Check my services at http://avsey.by

Опыт работы

  • CyberianSoft Inc.
    iOS developer
    Ноябрь 2011 — По настоящее время (9 лет и 3 месяца)
    WorldVision EDC is iPad/iPhone application helps to create electronic donation cards. Gathers information about sponsor and his donations (sponsorship/one-time gift) and sends it to back office with soap request. Uses Linea scanner to take information about sponsor from driver's license (2d barcode pdf-417 or magnetic stripe), credit card info (magnetic stripe) and child info (QR code). Uses sqlite database to store service data. skills: iOS, sqlite3, LineaSDK, ZBar, SOAP, RESTful, LitleXML format, XML parsing WorldVision eNotes is iPad application helps send message to sponsored child. Gathers message information (sponsor name and photo, child name, message text) and sends it to back office with soap request. Uses sqlite database to store service data. skills: iOS, sqlite3, SOAP, XML parsing ReconPro application for iOS(iPad/iPhone), it created for automotive services and allows create paperless Inspections, WorkOrders and Invoices. Communicates to back office by using SOAP requests, downloads sqlite database at start and uploads stored data, scans and parses VIN numbers by camera and Infinite's scanner. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reconpro/id399296997?mt=8 skills: iOS 3.2 - 8.4, sqlite3, LineaSDK, ZBarSDK, Accusoft.BarcodeXpress, native barcode scanner, Air printing, Brother PJ-673 printing, custom keyboard, keychain, SOAP, XML parsing
  • Частная практика, работа без зачисления в штат
    Брест · От 1000 до 5000 сотрудников
    iOS developer
    Январь 2014 — Декабрь 2014 (1 год)
    NotesReader is iPad/iPhone application provides music theory for piano by Bernachon method, reading of key notes F and simultaneous ground with increasing difficulty. By using this application pianists are studying to read notes. https://itunes.apple.com/by/app/notesreader/id967627377?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/by/app/notesreaderhd/id884560778?mt=8 Skills: UIKit, playing sounds with AVPlayer, XML parsing, multi-language support, publishing application in iTunesConnect
    iOS developer
    Январь 2013 — Май 2015 (2 года и 5 месяцев)
    TechnoSnake is 2D game for iPad. Robot-harvester moves over the surface of the planet and collects asteroids flying over. Control the robot to avoid collisions with obstacles and carriages. Collect the definite types of asteroids to pass the level. Collect energy balls to replenish the robot with energy. In case there’s not enough energy for the robot, it starts to detach the last carriage. If there’s too much energy, one of the energy carriages will explode. Skills: cocos2d v3, SpriteBuilder, TexturePacker, Box2d, json parser, ObjectAL, multi-language support, publishing application in iTunesConnect, In-App Purchasing https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/technosnake/id981623077?mt=8
  • Разработка систем интеллектуального видеонаблюдения и видеоаналитики, продажа аналитических модулей
    Брест · От 100 до 1000 сотрудников
    iPhone developer
    Июнь 2010 — Ноябрь 2011 (1 год и 6 месяцев)
    Обязанности: - game development for iPhone/iPod/iPad porting Mind's Eye: Secrets Of The Forgotten for iPhone/iPod/iPad obj model and views of scene and items, ispy scene and items, scenes manager, hud, animations, particles objective-c 2.0, C++, stl, OpenGL ES porting Treasure Seekers 2: The Enchanted Canvases for iPhone/iPod/iPad objective-c 2.0, C++, stl porting game Forgotten Island Secret Mission for iPhone/iPod/iPad obj model and views of scene, scene items, ispy scene, ispy items, scenes manager, hud objective-c 2.0, cocos2d 0.99.5
  • Flood Light Systems
    C++ programmer
    Май 2009 — Июнь 2010 (1 год и 2 месяца)
    Casual games development. I write puzzles, closeups, locations. Skills: C++, stl, DirectX 9, Photoshop
  • RobinLab
    iPhone/MacOS programmer
    Май 2009 — Февраль 2010 (10 месяцев)
    Обязанности: - project estimation - objective-c programmer iPhone. iMemory Application to train memory skills. There are cards set. Touch two cards to flip them. If cards are identical they will disappear. The goal is to disappear all cards. iPhone. RSS reader Application to read and manage rss news. MacOS. EDL converter. This is little cocoa application which extracts data from csv format, processes data and stores them to txt file. Skills: iPhone SDK, objective-c, SQLite, Cocoa, AudioToolbox, Foundation frameworks
  • Innovation Software
    software developer
    Декабрь 2007 — Октябрь 2008 (11 месяцев)
    This application is used for representation of user’s concepts, concerned with the improvement of certain objects, processes or phenomena. User depicts his or her ideas of improvements in a shape of some graph. I have worked in practice the controlling element for creation of vector graphics drawings based on the Nevron library. Also I have created a user’s interface of the application using the DevExpress library. Skills used: C#, .Net 3.5, DevExpress Lib, Nevron (Diagram) Lib
  • Брест · От 100 до 1000 сотрудников
    software developer
    Июнь 2005 — Декабрь 2007 (2 года и 7 месяцев)
    A cross-platform (mobile phone(BREW, linux), Pocket PC(WM5), Smartphone(WM5)) tool for managing wireless network connection. Allows connect to open and WEP secured WiFi access point (AP), create profiles to store connection parameters to connect to AP, download configuration data (xml file that contains profiles and access points data) from update configuration server. I implemented GUI for different platforms (mobile phone(BREW, linux), Pocket PC(WM5), Smartphone(WM5)) and updater (cross-platform) module that extracts profiles and access point information from downloaded xml configuration file. Skills used: BREW, QT lib(linux), Win32 API, MFC IE toolbar This is a Com-component. There is an xml file, it describes the toolbar (controls, buttons, messages, urls and etc.). My application reads one and generates toolbar during Internet Explorer launching. There is a Vista support. I implemented it myself. Skills used: Win32 API, ATL/WTL, STL, boost lib
  • FLEXTRONICS Design Ukraine
    software developer
    Сентябрь 2004 — Май 2005 (9 месяцев)
    PaperPort 10 bug fixing Skills used: Win32 API, MFC, ATL/COM HP Smart Document Scan Software. This is a graphic application for new HP scanner device. It scans, allows little graphic changes and sends documents to some links (printer, ODMA2, Fax, FTP, Mail, SharePoint, SharePoint2003, OmniPage, PaperPort, WebFolder) I implemented these all links. Skills used: Win32 API, MFC, ATL/COM, MailAPI, ODMA2, MSXML SDK

Высшее образование

  • БГТУ-Брест

    Брестский государственный технический университет
    Электронно-информационных систем
    Сентябрь 1994 — Июнь 1999 (4 года и 9 месяцев)
    Электронно-информационных систем
    Январь 1994 — Январь 1999 (5 лет)