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Обо мне

Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead


I'm interested in
* developing high quality iOS applications in Swift and leading the team
* product management
* computer science

I like to solve algorithmic code challenges.

I consider only remote first companies.

Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
Продуктовая технологическая компания, создаём высоконагруженные проекты в сфере недвижимости
iOS Tech Lead
Март 2018 — По настоящее время (2 года и 4 месяца)

🏠 Developing iOS applications for the #1 bank in Russia Sberbank. I'm working at Domclick on various enterprise projects.

– Developed cross-platform business logic using Kotlin Multiplatform for several features.
– Developed a Swift front-end for 3D panorama (similar to Google Street View) written in C++ and integrated it with native camera. It required advanced using of the AVFoundation framework, the OpenGL rendering, developing client's side of REST API and managing team of developers.
– Developed a new enterprise iOS app for an iPad from scratch, this app is used by account managers in all bank offices and it significantly reduces all the paperwork that the manager and client have to do to get a mortgage. Technology stack includes RxSwift, RxDataSource, RxCocoa.
– Developed an enterprise iOS Instagram-like app from scratch (It heavily uses the camera and Core Data).
– Developed an HttpClient (similar to Moya) to make it easy to write clean testable networking client-server code.
– Consulted on writing clean code in Swift, participated in code review on a daily basis, leased with product managers, designers and backend developers, promoted agile principles and organised scrum retrospectives. 
– Constantly improved development tools and CI/CD using Fastlane, introduced SwiftLint, accelerated 10 times build time of Domclick app from 15 minutes down to 1.5 minutes
– Implemented DI using Swinject
– Configured Push Notifications for the iOS application using Firebase.
– Organized unit and UI testing workshops and promoted testing practices.
– Led cross-functional team and developed Flutter app in Dart from scratch on internal hackathon in 2 days
– Conducted more than 50 iOS job interviews.

Топ-3 мировых классифайдов, где по-прежнему царит атмосфера стартапа
iOS Developer
Март 2016 — Февраль 2018 (2 года)

🚀 Developed an iOS application for the Avito which is the #1 classified platform in Russia.
Worked in one of the top mobile team in Russia with smart colleagues and top-notch software engineers doing cool things like writing clean code and doing performance optimizations.

– Designed and developed core application components
– Implemented complex and efficient UI elements
– Participated in features grooming and worked closely with product and back-end teams in the fast-paced environment following Scrum methodology
– Improved code quality by implementing UI and unit tests and following TDD
– Consulted on clean code, SOLID and using VIPER architecture on the daily basis by participating in code review and meetings
– Implemented A/B tests and data gathering for analytics
– Implemented various data storages using Core Data

The team was great, but there were no challenging tasks and no need in senior iOS developers and I decided to take a new job opportunity.

Lead iOS Developer
Июнь 2014 — Январь 2016 (1 год и 8 месяцев)

🏋️‍♂️ I was an iOS developer at StrongLifts team and reported directly to the CEO.

– Developed a StrongLifts 5x5 iOS app from scratch and the app was recognized as a top quality fitness app in the U.S. by the Applause study in 2016 (check the link below).
– Built a cloud backend using Parse server and data synchronisation framework between client and cloud server.
– Taught myself MVVM pattern and Swift and refactored core modules of application written in Objective-C initially.

Разработка мобильных приложений для iOS/ Android
iOS Developer
Март 2013 — Апрель 2014 (1 год и 2 месяца)

I worked in a mobile agency as an associate iOS software engineer.
During working in Sebbia I contributed to the following products:
– Rate&Goods (marketplace app which allows to search goods within a barcode)
– Spontanika (personal development app)
– Innometrics SDK (A/B testing framework for Innometrics Cloud Platform)
– In-house products of the company
All of them I successfully delivered to customers.

#objective-c #rest #sdk

Высшее образование
Южный федеральный университет
Факультет: Математики, механики и компьютерных наук
Август 2007—Август 2013 (6 лет)

– Защитил магистерский диплом по приложениям теории графов.

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