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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Местоположение и тип занятости

Лимассол (Кипр)Полный рабочий день


FaceApp is a global innovator in portrait perfection - blending advanced neural network technology with ease of use.

Описание вакансии

О компании и команде

FaceApp is a global pioneer in the realm of portrait perfection, seamlessly merging advanced neural network technology with user-friendly interfaces.

Our team boasts leading expertise in machine learning and mobile interfaces, with a shared vision to democratize mobile photography, making it accessible to all mobile users, not just those with professional artistic skills. Our mission is to create the most intuitive yet powerful selfie and portrait editor. Our workplace is a hub for creativity and high-quality product development. We are seeking like-minded individuals ready to join our dynamic and passionate team in Limassol (Cyprus).

FaceApp is the leading selfie editing app with over 750M+ downloads worldwide. It offers a remarkable set of photorealistic filters, providing “simple for you and complicated in the background” photo processing with just a few taps. The app is available in 34 languages for free and as a subscription on iOS and Android devices.

We value our team and the relationships within it, and we believe in fostering a trusting and friendly work atmosphere.

We are currently seeking a Senior Machine Learning Engineer with a specialization in Computer Vision. This role presents an exceptional opportunity to contribute significantly to the development and enhancement of our globally acclaimed application.

A few facts about us:

  • TOP app at 154 countries for iOS and at 99 countries for Android (including the USA, Great Britain, EU, Brazil, South East Asia);
  • App of the Year at App Store and Google Play;
  • State-of-art technology photo editing.

Ожидания от кандидата


  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team to design, develop, and optimize state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms and models;
  • Enhance and optimize existing ML models to elevate performance and efficiency;
  • Conceive and experiment with innovative features and functionalities in the realm of photo editing and enhancement.

Our requirements:

  • A proven track record in one of the following domains, among others:
    1) Top-tech product development;
    2) Achievements such as attaining Kaggle Grandmaster status;
    3) A strong background in computer vision research, evidenced by papers that demonstrate practical achievements and contributions to the field. Regardless of the area of expertise, it should be complemented with a strong focus on enhancing product value and a drive to deeply understand and optimize complex product details.
  • Proficiency in Python and familiarity with deep learning frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, or JAX;
  • Deep understanding of the current state of the art in machine learning and computer vision;
  • Robust communication skills, complemented by the ability to thrive in a collaborative team environment;
  • A Master’s or PhD in Computer Science, Math or other technical field (e. g. Physics).

Условия работы

Why work at FaceApp?

  • The option to work remotely or from our cozy Cyprus office, with a balcony that offers a breathtaking sea view;
  • Be part of the team that powers FaceApp, one of the globally celebrated photo-editing apps, known for its sophisticated neural face transformation features;
  • Access to top-tier equipment and cloud-based GPU resources to bolster your innovation and creativity;
  • Above market wages, formal employment and white wages;
  • Health insurance;
  • Compensation of costs for professional literature;
  • Sports compensation;
  • Compensation for the purchase of a mobile phone (once a year, 50% of the cost is compensated);
  • Unmatched opportunities for professional advancement and career growth within a globally distinguished startup;
  • Embrace flexible working hours in a culture that values and upholds work-life balance.

Embark on a journey with FaceApp, where you’ll be instrumental in molding the future of photo editing and enhancement. We are committed to a culture of innovation, creativity, and technological advancement. Apply today!