Senior Business Analyst


от 6200 до 6700 €

Местоположение и тип занятости

Stavanger (Норвегия)Полный рабочий день


Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Modern and flexible analytics environment that attracts users with different proficiency levels to apply analytics
A standardized approach to scale and production of individual results into analytics applications and host them for broad usage
The analytics tooling team will contribute to the approach to the Analytics blueprint on an Enterprise level in Equinor, focusing on efforts related to Omnia (Based on Microsoft Azure).

Scope of work:

Define/reuse existing user archetypes (basic to advanced)
Create an overview of existing tooling and area of usage
Map - What is the tooling, teams, and initiatives, in place for different archetypes of users (visual, SQL based, code-based) for a different type of data & analytics work (descriptive to prescriptive) for Self-serve (incl Existing lab/sandbox) & experimentation to production
Create & publish communication to be used across the organization, to help the business users navigate the technical landscape.
Establish standards and ways of working to professionalize usage and access.
Ensure processes and solutions can facilitate cross-domain use cases, which will require a level of integrated tooling and processes.
Communication material and training – how-to’s & playbooks – for a standardized toolset, relevant for many use cases.
Define a support mechanism for the scope
Assess available tooling to identify what functionalities and types of tooling are missing, e.g. solution for data wrangling has been requested.
Identify, prioritize and solve gaps and issues (e.g auth challenges, governance needs)
E.g Propose tools for piloting and test
Propose data and analytics blueprint for scaling
Base documentation on D&A capabilities and functional D&A architecture. Make sure any updates and changes are reflected back to Data and analytics capabilities and functional architecture models.


  • 3+ years’ experience as a BA on IT projects
  • English level — B2 and higher
  • REST API-based microservices experience
  • Experience in Agile framework (apparently, SCRUM)
  • Requirements elicitation techniques: workshopping, document analysis, interviews
  • Requirements documentation through User Stories and SRS
  • Requirements management skills: tasks estimation, prioritization, planning
  • Functional decomposition skills
  • Advanced communication skills, which include: active listening, ability to efficiently communicate with people with different backgrounds and cultural differences, ability to ask proper questions and get the information needed
  • Advanced change management skills
  • Enough technical background to be able to easily cope with complex legacy back-end functionality
  • Soft skills: leadership and proactivity, emotional intellect, ability to work in an unstructured environment
  • Financial domain experience is a plus
  • Experience in working in a big project team will be a plus


Converge Now will cover internet/mobile expenses to 2000 NOK/month (approx. €200/month), Travel insurance coverage, pension plan & Insurance as per local plans.


Converge Now will cover two months of temporary housing during the first two months of employment.

Relocation allowance:

Converge Now AS will support your relocation and reimburse any moving expenses or purchase of furniture and small items up to 2500 EUR. In addition, Converge Now will refund costs for two economy air-flight tickets between your location in Poland and Stavanger in Norway for you and your spouse.

Work Permit Process:

The salary, benefits, and allowance listed above are subject to the employee obtaining and complying with Norway's working requirements. The company will assist the employee with getting a valid work permit, allowing the employee to legally enter and work in Norway under a Norwegian employment contract.

Taxes in Norway:

The employer in Norway will deduct and file the mandatory taxes monthly on behalf of the employee. Based on the employee's tax deduction card. The employee is responsible for annually filing and paying their respective taxes to the Norwegian Government. Norway's tax levels are generally between 30-40%, dependent on salary level and the employee's situation.

Holiday rights

All employees are entitled to have at least 25-holidays each year. Weekdays are business days. Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays are not working days. Typically, five business days will correspond to one week. The employee is therefore entitled to five weeks' holiday every calendar year.

In most cases, the client's holiday calendar will determine when you can plan for your holidays during the year. Typically, Easter, July, and around Christmas are regular holidays for most clients.

Salary/Holiday pay

The annual gross base salary is divided by 12 to get the monthly gross base salary. In practice, you are paid the monthly salary for 11 months, and you will get the holiday pay in the 12th month (typically June). 12 % of your gross salary (base- and bonus) accrued as holiday payment during the previous calendar year. Holiday pay is usually paid out the month before the main holiday period in the year.

Expenses reimbursements and refunds are not compensation and therefore not included in the calculation for holiday pay. An employee who was not employed the previous calendar year is entitled to 25 holidays, but not holiday payment.

Дополнительные инструкции

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