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Sales Manager in Pay-tech


от 250 000 до 350 000 ₽

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Лёгкие платежи криптовалютами в розничной торговле с немедленной конвертацией в фиат

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Lunu Solutions was founded in Berlin in 2018 by Artem Shaginyan (CEO) and Petr Vishnyakov (CTO). Lunu Solutions closes the gap between cryptocurrencies and the real world. The company’s innovative payment solutions allow customers to spend their cryptocurrencies as fiat cash at points of sale in ordinary, transparent, retail transactions taking just a few seconds and costing less than other non-cash purchases.

Lunu’s digital processing service supports a potentially unlimited number of cryptocurrencies and compatible wallets – as well as credit card and NFC payments systems. Using the sleek Lunu Mobile Terminal in-store or the Lunu Online Widget online, the service accesses instantly the most favorable decentralized market exchange rate for the customer who wants to pay with cryptos. The cryptocurrencies are then converted instantly to local-currency-backed stablecoins, ultimately transferred into the retailer’s bank account as real money.

Lunu is an aspirational brand -- principled, fair and even-handed, dedicated to art and aesthetics, with a strong sense of social responsibility. The company’s current activities in the arts are based on the idea of the ‘cosmic ocean’ which, like the Lunu terminal, connects the world and its inhabitants. More than just a tech startup, Lunu is emblematic of a new way of life for the 21st century.


LUNU has 2 types of clients that it connects through its innovative payment solutions:

  1. Crypto owners

Cryptocurrency holders are a community of more than 220-million young forward-thinking trend-setters, entrepreneurial in spirit, with disposable income. As a group, they are adventurous, highly-educated, and, only now, are beginning to emerge on the radar screens of Lunu provides a convenient service to holders of cryptocurrencies, while giving retailers access to this emerging, promising customer base.

  1. Retailers

Lunu Solutions allows retailers to attract new customers with easy and elegant crypto transactions. Retailers who are as attentive to how they sell as they are to what they sell will appreciate the Lunu Terminal. Lunu not only allows retailers to expand their customer base and means of payment, it also supports the values of innovation, technological advances, and contemporary design aesthetics.

More info about Lunu Solutions and its products could be found at



The purpose of the role: attracting retailers to integrate the Lunu Widget or Lunu Terminal to accept cryptocurrency payments in targeted sectors: Gaming, Betting, Gift cards, Luxury, Fashion, Travel and Tech brands.


  • Expanding the relationships with existing clients
  • Searching for new retailers
  • Build own sales funnel, cold calling, LinkedIn outreach, professional network
  • Contacting retailers using specific СMS platforms
  • Participate in conferences, trade shows
  • Conduct web-based demos and develop materials necessary to accelerate clients acquisition
  • Building key customer service processes and systems, formulating management rules, and tracking the status of key customer
  • Analysis and communicating with various departments to provide optimal key customer service solutions


  • 3-5 years experience in B2B sales and account management
  • Desire to work in fast-paced, challenging, start-up environment
  • Excellent communications skills and the ability to effectively advise senior leadership
  • Ability to prioritize and demonstrate relentless discipline in achieving goals
  • Proven ability to influence others and lead customer engagements
  • Strong ownership, bias for action
  • Business acumen and very good capacity to develop both B2B and B2C insights
  • Affinity with brand building of upscale brands, high quality of execution, attention to detail, striving for perfection
  • Cultural curiosity, ability to work in a multicultural environment
  • High level of autonomy, entrepreneurship, and dynamism
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Russian language is welcome
  • English - fluent


  • The role allows you to step back from classic sales management and become an entrepreneur, without taking the risks associated with it.
  • You will get to work and interact with senior, experienced and stimulating people both in the LUNU organisation, as well as with some of the world’s best external agencies and consultants.
  • You will learn a lot about top-notch approaches to sales high-quality aspirational brands in fintech and paytech sectors
  • You will get an opportunity to work on topics that are of particular interest to you, allowing you to personalise the role.
  • You would become integral part of a revolutionary approach to payments, digital money, and cryptocurrencies
  • And finally, LUNU team would strive to bring meaning to the brand, to its clients, and to everyone who works on the team

It is intended that the person who is successful in this role over a 1-2 year period will be able to move into a Sales Director position within the LUNU organisation. Relocation in Berlin is feasible.

If you are interested in this vacancy, we will be happy to consider your resume.


Will be set individually and linked to the results.