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Ruby/RoR Developer

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The RubyGarage team is growing and looking for an experienced Middle Ruby/Rails Developer. If you are ready to accept the challenge and become a part of our professional team, check the benefits of working with us and send your CV!

We are looking for an experienced Middle and Senior Ruby / Rails Developer to create applications from scratch and support existing web apps on Ruby / Ruby on Rails. We pay close attention to best programming practices and code quality. If you share our values, we’ll be glad to see you on our team!


  • Developing solutions and algorithms according to the technical specifications or other requirements documentation
  • Writing program code according to the defined application architecture
  • Analyzing application code and design to identify and eliminate technical issues
  • Testing applications, writing unit, and functional tests while following company standards and industry best practices
  • Identifying code smells and refactoring code using design patterns and accepted standards
  • Estimating tasks and working to meet deadlines, reporting promptly on any necessary rescheduling or changes to deadlines
  • Designing, developing, supporting Ruby/Ruby on Rails web application and Database architecture
  • Reviewing code and sharing honest feedback regarding architectural solutions implemented by other developers
  • Deploying applications to the staging and production servers
  • Using Git and GitHub to control and manage source code while following GitFlow standards
  • Preparing API documentation


  • At least 1.5 years of experience in commercial web application developers
  • Experience with OOP, Classes and objects structure, Metaprogramming, RubyGems
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails (MVC, Security, Configuration, Caching)
  • Experience with Rails architecture (Practical use of design patterns in Rails application, Form object, Service object, Query object, Decorator, etc.)
  • Experience with Automation testing (RSpec, Matchers, Stubs, Mocks, Database Cleaner, FactoryBot, Faker, Webmock, Capybara, WebKit)
  • Experience with Ruby gems & Rails plugins (Trailblazer, Dry-rb, Devise, Pundit, ActiveAdmin, Spree, etc.)
  • Experience with Relational databases (SQL, Database index and full-text index, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (Key-value, document-oriented, graph databases and search engines, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch)
  • Experience with 
  • Experience with DevOps (SSH, AWS, Docker, Terraform, CI, Nginx, Puma, Monit, NewRelic, Static code analysis)
  • Experience with Web app architecture (Monolith, Microservices)

We offer:  

  • Ability to work on projects from scratch
  • Ability to work on projects with serverless architecture
  • Ability to use a modern stack of technologies
  • Paid  vacation, sick days, national holidays
  • Full or partial compensation for education and participation in conferences
  • Reimbursement of expenses for visiting health and sports centers
  • Free English courses
  • Unlimited possibilities for career growth
  • Review of compensation every six months 

If it’s important for you to work on projects that bring real value to end-users, if you love challenges and are ready to build web applications from scratch: from architecture design to deployment, if quality code is a priority for you, join us, and let’s create cool projects together!

Join the RubyGarage team and get the opportunity to work on high-tech projects using the latest technologies!