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Open Source Analytics Framework

Описание вакансии

At Cube Dev, we are building a technology stack for modern analytics and our mission is to make it accessible to developers around the world.

We are focused on bottom-up adoption, and most of our software is open-source. Cube, our flagship open-source product, has over 10,000 stars on GitHub and over 3,000 community members in Slack. It powers companies ranging from Apple, Intel, and Walmart to small Silicon Valley startups.

We are a 15-person remote-first team distributed over the US, UK, and Eastern Europe with an HQ in San Francisco, funded by top-tier Silicon Valley venture funds that have previously invested in Redis, Hazelcast, Gradle, and other infrastructure software startups.

Cube is used to build analytical APIs over trillion data point datasets in SQL databases (e.g., Postgres, ClickHouse) and data warehouses (e.g., Google BigQuery, AWS Athena, Snowflake). Such APIs serve requests with sub-second latency and high concurrency thanks to Cube Store, our performant open-source distributed columnar storage written in Rust and based on Apache Arrow and DataFusion.

We're determined to further enhance Cube's performance and support advanced workloads. That's why we're looking for a talented Technical Sourcer to join our Cube Dev team to attract the best team of skilled individuals.

During the first months, you'll be working on the following:

  • Close Senior level positions (Primarily Senior Software Engineers with expertise in database algorithms and data structures, C++, Rust, or any other low-level languages)
  • Find and engage passive candidates through the use of LinkedIn, AmazingHiring, social networks, and alternative search techniques.
  • Initial conversations with prospective candidates explaining Cube Dev's value proposition, identifying role fit, and routing appropriate interview processes.
  • Review inbound resumes
  • Manage prospect pipeline
  • Drive sourcing projects and recruiting initiatives including, meet-ups, conferences, and other tech events

Who we are looking for:

  • Understanding of company's culture and needs
  • Expertise in the selection process of different positions at the IT startup. In particular, knowing how to sort out and choose engineers (Node.js, Database, Distributed systems, Principals, etc.)
  • Knows how to optimize this process (expertise in techniques, tools, and applications for technical talents acquisition)
  • Good communication skills.
  • Fluent English.
  • Previous startup experience or interest in working in a small fast-moving company.

Bonus points:

  • Previous startup experience or interest in working in a small fast-moving company.
  • Experience in growing a senior engineering team from 0

This is a remote position. Any location is okay as long as we can expect you to be online till 1 pm PT. We can pay for your desk at the co-working space that you choose to work from. Down the road, we offer an optional relocation to our HQ in San Francisco, California with visa (H1-B or O-1) sponsorship. Also, we offer stock options in our US company.

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