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Senior Software Engineer - Integrations

Требуемые навыки

БэкендСтарший (Senior) · Scala · Java · Python · Kubernetes

Местоположение и тип занятости

Москва · Полный рабочий день · Можно удаленно


Ведущий мировой поставщик услуг по разработке программного обеспечения и цифровых платформ

Описание вакансии


An exciting opportunity to join IT Engineering organization being part of Software Engineering -Integration, Automation, Cloud & Backend Development Capability Centre as a Senior Software Engineer - Integrations.

Senior Software Engineer - Integrations - Integrations is responsible for designing and delivering applications to release an API specification or a set of Integration requirements. The Developer will take responsibility to ensure the delivery of application adheres to defined best practices and standards.

The project is aimed at migration from 2 SalesForce data marts to 1 to decommission the second one.


  • Ingestion of changed data into GCS by IBM ESB
  • Dynamic workflow with list of tables as a configuration file
  • Informatica scheduled batch data pipelines to populate Gazelle Salesforce with KLC, Sussex, Manmet data currently existing on GCS
  • Informatica scheduled batch data pipelines to populate Gazelle with Moodle/LMS data directly from the source system


  • Programming Languages: Java, Scala, Python
  • Distributed Environments: Kubernetes, Mesos, YARN, AWS ECS
  • Distributed processing: Spark, Flink, Hadoop, Beam, Databricks, AWS Glue
  • Integration & flow management: NiFi, StreamSets, Talend, Airflow, ADF, Kafka Connect
  • Streaming: Kafka, Pulsar, AWS Kinesis
  • Object storages: S3, HDFS, Minio, Ceph
  • DBs: Cassandra, HBase, Clickhouse, Druid, Kylin, Redis, Greenplum, Teradata, Snowflake, GCP BigQuery
  • Search platforms: Solr, Elasticsearch
  • IMDG: Ignite, Hazelcast, Coherence
  • ML: MLflow, Kubeflow, AWS Sagemaker, Azure ML, Google AI Platform, feast.dev
  • Data Visualization: Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, Jupyter



  • Access to a very wide set of different projects (differs by domain, platform/product type, tech stack, development methodology, geolocation, etc.)
  • Outstanding career development opportunities
  • Experience exchange with colleagues all around the world
  • Competitive compensation depending on experience and skills
  • Regular assessments and salary reviews
  • Unlimited access to LinkedIn learning solutions
  • Social package - medical care, sports, family care
  • Free English classes
  • Opportunities for self-realization
  • Friendly team and enjoyable working environment
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Corporate and social events

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