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Senior TypeScript + UI developer (English) for Dutch company


От 1600 до 2400 $

Требуемые навыки

ФронтендСтарший (Senior) · Git · Typescript · ReactJS · GraphQL · Scss

Местоположение и тип занятости

Полный рабочий день · Можно удаленно


Голландский стартап про Growth Hacking

Описание вакансии

Hi there!

For over a year we have been working on changing the world for the better. Once as a startup, and now as a development agency Startups.Services.

Currently, we are looking for a good programmer for WorkPi project. Good for us is shining eyes in relation to web development, an inquisitive mind, an immense desire to achieve a "wow"-effect in both the code and the product.

You will be working in a relaxed atmosphere of an everyday crunch. In addition (and this is already a lot, right?) you will be able to adopt the professional experience of enterprise development: Scrumban (real, with a team-oriented approach and rituals taking place around this orientation), Git + GitLab, TypeScript, React, GraphQL

What is expected of you

  • Knowledge of English.
  • Work from home at a convenient time for you.
  • Every morning a call for 30 minutes (at 9:30 Moscow time).
  • During the day, you code - mostly TypeScript + React, sometimes NodeJS. You ask questions, show the results of work (intermediate ones are also suitable - Early Merge Request strategy), we discuss a little how the code can be improved or praise if it's perfect.
  • Every Friday at convenient Moscow time we discuss what happened and what will happen.

What can you expect from us

  • Timely wages at a rate of $10+ per hour.
  • Work on an employee-oriented contract.
  • Rapid growth and experience.
  • Communication with the team and customers in English.
  • Communication with the founder of Startups.Services in Russian.

Further steps

If everything suits you, please send a free-form letter to paulcodiny@gmail.com or attach it here. Be sure to add code examples in HTML, CSS and TypeScript

Next, we will send a link to a small front-end task (2-3 hours).

Based on the results of the assignment, we will send feedback, and, if we like everything, an offer for an interview.

Next, there will be a Skype interview.

After some time, we will inform you of the decision.

Please note, from 26.04 to 09.05 I will be on vacation with limited access to the Internet. I will process all the incoming emails on the week 10.05 - 16.05

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