Senior Frontend Developer (React)


от 4000 до 6000 $


Фронтенд, Старший (Senior)JavaScriptReactReduxHTMLCSS

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Looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to help us build a robust and scalable Web platform (React ecosystem) that deals with clients' money. A lot of freedom in actions, endorse individual responsibility. Flat company structure, fulltime, full-remote, no time track. Good spoken English is a MUST

American Estate & Trust (AET) is looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to join our frontend team. We're focused on building web based tools to help businesses and individuals manage retirement accounts, invest in non traditional assets like gold or real estate and deploy white labeled products that empower businesses to build financial services directly into their existing products and workflows.

Our applications are built in React and a strong proficiency in javascript and styling best practices are a must. Because our team is remote we're looking for self starters and strong communicates who are excited about building great products and mentoring others on our team to constantly improve their own abilities.

As the senior frontend developer on our team you'll be working together with our frontend team lead, discussing architectural decisions, pushing quality across the code base and working with other teams to design and implement complex functionality that touches our whole system. You'll be expected to take product ownership, form opinions and advocate for your position.

Tech stack:
- React/Redux
- Antd UI
- Styled Components
- Cypress/Enzyme/Jest/Prettier

API: PHP7 (REST, laminas, Doctrine ORM), MySQL, Postman/Newman
Infra: AWS, Docker, Codebuild/CirecleCI

No legacy, no old browsers support, no bullsht :)

Our Culture

Here's some of the things we believe as a team

- Great products are made by people who care
- Think about what "done" is upfront. Pull your work all the way over the finish line.
- Be personally transparent. Don't accumulate negative emotions. Share it with others in constructive ways.
- Leave things better than you found them.
- Prototype before polishing. Get it working before you optimize it.
- Never miss an opportunity to articulate your mental model. Always take the opportunity to validate your mental models with others
- Seek to spend the majority of your time on things that impact the ability of our customers to successfully use our products.
- Constantly challenge yourself and those around you.
- Help others grow. Invite others to learn with you.


— Experienced, senior, friendly and responsible team that care about the product they are building
— Minimal and adequate management and a lot of freedom in actions. We endorse individual responsiblity
— Good compensation plus 13+5 (Xmas vacation) paid vacation days
— Fully remote, no time trackers (we trust our developers)