Senior Backend Engineer (Rest API, English, NodeJS, Python)


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The world’s leading big data storage supplier to data-intensive, global organizations

Описание вакансии

We are looking for a Senior BackendEngineer for development and support of DDN’s products.

This senior development level position will be responsible for participating team in design, planning, implementation, delivery and support of management stack software for Enterprise level storage arrays, filers.


  • Develop and maintain backend software with REST API written mainly in NodeJS(80%)/Python(20% - CLI)
  • Find best ways on how to implement the backend logic on platform level using system utilities, libraries or kernel calls
  • Troubleshoot problems, fix bugs, solve customer's issues using logs, bundles, customer sessions
  • Write, run and maintain BDD tests for software above
  • Use your experience to estimate tasks and to find best ways to implement new features
  • Contact with different teams (kernel, UI, integrations) to minimize risks of wrong solutions
  • Work in Agile Scrum sprints (2 weeks) and participate in periodic meetings

Main qualifications 

  • Advanced skill in unix/linux system:
    • Maintaining
    • Configuration
    • CLI
    • how to debug problems
    • ssh
  • Advanced programming skills
    • algorithms
    • OOP
    • Patterns
    • data structures
  • Understanding of developing process in Unix/Linux
    • make, building, compiling
    • git, cloning, branches
  • Basic understanding of networking and network management
    • IP addresses, routes, net masks
    • Nameservers and name services
    • TCP/IP, ports, sockets.
  • Strong knowledge in regards to workings of backend software works (services, accepting connections and so on)

Nice to have experience in (otherwise you will have to learn this during the work):

  • Knowledge of javascript language with new features like async/await, classes, arrow functions
  • Knowledge of nodejs. Understanding how it works, how to start, main libraries in nodejs framework, npm (yarn) packaging for nodejs
  • Knowledge of python3 language. Classes, inheritance, decorators
  • Familiarity with REST APIs. Understanding what is it, how to use, how to provide.
  • Knowledge of ZFS. Understanding of: vdevs, filesystems, snapshots
  • Knowledge of Illumos OS (Solaris). SMF services, IPS packaging system
  • Familiarity with Storage subsystems (block storage arrays and filers) is desired
  • Understanding of virtual machines and vm operations and management. How to create, install, configure, setup network

    Personal skills

    • Good English verbal, written, and communications skills
    • Excellent and demonstrable problem-solving skills
    • Excellent time management skills
    • Must be team-oriented, with an interest and willingness to help the team as a whole
    • Able to work effectively as part of a distributed team

    We offer:

    • Working with an international team of world class professionals on exciting and challenging projects
    • Remote work and flexible working hours (while still full-time 40 hours/week)
    • Friendly team and environment

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