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Tech Lead (Руководитель разработки, Техлид)


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The first employee training software

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The role

We're looking for an awesome Technical Lead to join our growing engineering team which spans Australia🦘🇦🇺, US🇺🇸, UK🇬🇧 and Europe🇪🇺 . You'll need to be able to work well in a highly autonomous and diverse environment while being able to prioritise effectively.

We're not incredibly hung up on "Years experience" or "Framework expertise" as these are rarely good predictors of good future performance.

What we do care about is a great sense of design, good problem solving abilities, the capacity to learn quickly and an overriding desire to drive success for our customers. 

The location of this role will be based in Europe, ideally in UTC+0 to UTC+5 timezones.

What you'll do

    1. As the Tech Lead, you'll take responsibility for the overall planning, execution and success of engineering projects.
    2. You will maintain best engineering practices across the entire stack to make us a more efficient team and to help us build better products for our customers.
    3. You will work closely with team members from different departments to define and execute on projects which will have a significant impact on the direction and future of our company.
    4. Our stack is comprised of many languages, technologies and services, including: Golang, React, GraphQL, Python, Docker and AWS. You will work across all of these to deliver critical customer features and major technological improvements.
    5. You will help us to create and manage a high performing development hub of 5-10 people around you

    Who you are

    • You know best engineering practices, tools and development patterns.
    • You are both a highly technical, hands-on engineer and an effective people manager.
    • You have experience managing technical teams and conducting tech interviews.
    • You care about writing quality code and building a great product. We expect you to develop opinions about how we can do that better and to productively share those ideas with the rest of the team.
    • You have an ability to work concurrently on multiple projects or tasks with different levels of complexity and size.
    • Ideally, you have some knowledge of AWS basics.

    What is Myagi?

    Myagi is a VC-backed, high-growth tech startup that’s changing the way brands and retailers share knowledge.

    Our business-to-business network connects everyone in the retail supply chain and our SaaS platform combines online training and communication to equip sales associates with targeted brand and product knowledge.

    For brands, we enable them to connect and distribute content directly to the retailers that stock their products around the world. There's a direct communication channel to frontline staff and they get real time feedback through detailed analytics.

    For retailers, we integrate a combination of external supplier content with internal "tribal knowledge" to ensure that frontline staff have access to the right information, at exactly the right time, to help drive sales and enhance the customer experience.

    We have a fast-growing network global customers, including some of the world's leading retailers and brands such as Nike, Gibson Guitars, Bayer, Unilever, Giant Bikes and Garmin... to name a few.

    What it's like to be an engineer at Myagi

    Engineers at Myagi are typically generalists with one or more key specialties. Working at a fast growing company means our engineers get to work across the entire stack and to be responsible for critical projects - thus, we value people who are excited by the idea of having a large impact on the future of our business and user-base every single day. We also value people who enjoy working autonomously, cross-functionally and who are always looking to develop skills in areas which interest them.

    Because of this, our team consists of people who are excited about finding elegant solutions to difficult technical challenges in-order to deliver exceptional user experiences. Recent and upcoming challenges include: Building a powerful frontline messaging app to rival the likes of Slack and Whats-app, shifting to fully immutable infrastructure deployment using Docker and AWS, developing an automated network growth engine to connect companies in our network and building an innovative on-device video download system to conserve bandwidth for enterprise customers.

    Finally, a large part of our focus as an engineering team is on self-development and mentorship. Partly, we encourage this through our weekly rotating lightning talks and reading groups. But more fundamentally, we make it a core responsibility of every team member to do what they can to help the rest of the team improve. Aptitude for this responsibility is something we are especially focused on when hiring.

    Our Values

    We believe teamwork is a craft and we strive to master it. We win as a team of teams. We win and we celebrate together. We lose and we learn together. Just like we tell our customers, we work better together too! Value 1 - One Team Wins

    Myagi has a coaching culture. It’s everyone’s job to help each other improve through deliberate feedback. Everyone has the responsibility to practice what they learn from their coaches at work and we invest in continually improving as a team. Value 2 - Everyone a coach, every one a player

    We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere in the business and so from our graduates to the CEO and leadership team, everyone has a voice and they are all equally valid. But you have to speak up and be passionate about your view to ensure your message gets through. Value 3 - Respectfully Noisy

    Passion is everything to us because we care about the customers we build products for, the teammates we work with and the partners we rely on. We hold each other to account and we take initiative. Value 4 - Give a Shit

    Why you'll love working with us

    • Our Attitude: We’re creating a new category from scratch!
    • Our Leadership: We offer the leading tech solution for driving Channel Success.
    • Our ROI: Increase collaboration, increase sell-in, and improve sell-through.
    • Our Technology: Integrations, predictive analytics, and a beautiful user interface.
    • Our Impact: We help our customers make millions of dollars more per year.
    • Our Clients: Great companies like Nike, Giant Bikes, Luxottica, Rip Curl, Bayer, and Garmin.
    • Our Team: A team of collaborators who’ve done this before and are doing it again, but better


    We offer a competitive salary, great perks, volunteer days, professional development allowance, fitness or mindful app subscriptions and remote team lunches to help you stay connected. 


    Myagi is 100% remote and we understand this isn’t for everyone. When possible we organise regular regional offsites and an annual offsite to help you build relationships with the wider team. We have experience of working remotely for over 5 years and so we have all the technology and processes to ensure you stay connected. Ideally you will be based in UTC+0 to UTC+5 timezones.

    Myagi is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our employees.


    • $3,500-$5,000
    • Командировки в Мельбурн, когда закончится ковид 
    • Раз в год вся компания собирается вместе на ежегодную встречу в какой-нибудь интересной стране
    • Рост и развитие по мере расширения команды
    • Бюджет на конференции и учебу

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