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DevOps Engineer

От 2500 $
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A fullstack web solutions company specializing in web development, programming, data analysis

Описание вакансии

We are looking for middle/senior DevOps engineer to perform certain roles with listed technologies.

Details will be shared during the initial interview. Good spoken English is a must.



  • Azure DevOps (Git, Pipelines, bug tracker)
  • AWS CloudWatch + AWS Xray
  • AWS Lambda (Application on C#, support scripts on NodeJS)
  • AWS S3 (application data, support logs, etc.)
  • AWS DynamoDB (temporary data for analysis for support)
  • AWS EC2 Instances
  • Redis cluster (cache servers)
  • CouchBase DB Cluser (data servers)
  • AWS ElasticSearch + Kibana (Support dashboard)


  1. Finding causes of application errors:
  2. Logs analysis with AWS CloudWatch + AWS XRay
  3. Data analysis in the CouchBase database
  4. Participation in manual testing of the application
  5. Creating Support dashboard for the application with AWS ElasticSearch + Kibana:
  6. Collecting and aggregating logs from different sources (DynamoDB, CloudWatch, CouchBase) using AWS Lambda

Дополнительные инструкции

Please mind that it is a job during the US forking hours (16-24МСК)

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