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A platform for turning data into actionable insights

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

We are a small team of experienced software professionals and scientists building a new generation data platform. The product,, is already recognized by large enterprises with strong quantitative departments.

You will be working with a US-based company in a highly professional atmosphere. Your experience will make a difference and you would be able to make own engineering decisions. The team is fully distributed.

The role

  • Own production code and infrastructure as part of the core team
  • Design, implement, and operate data management systems for intelligence needs
  • Interact with customers' engineering teams and assist them, good English expected
  • Develop clean and high-performance production code
  • Full-remote – some meetings are with the US colleagues and customers (Eastern Time Zone)

Stack: Dart (core), Python, JavaScript, TypeScript (platform extentions), Cloud (Amazon, Google), REST, RDBMS, SQL, Machine Learning, Kubernetes, Docker, H2O, Cloud Machine Learning (Azure ML Studio, Amazon SageMaker), Torch, Keras, TensorFlow.

Our company is growing. Join our team today to contribute to a revolutionary software product and benefit as an early part of a successful business. You will combine a freedom of true full-remote with working on a socially significant technology which already helps save lives and make new discoveries in natural sciences.

Datagrok platform

In a way, Datagrok is an operating system for data that handles data-related tasks (ingestion, transformation, analysis, visualization, publishing, reporting, predicting, etc), provides APIs for these tasks, and has applications developed on top of it.

What makes us unique:

  • Unrivaled performance due to unique browser-based in-memory database
  • Browser-based distribution (zero-impact, cross-platform)
  • Near-zero cost of new users, since most of the work is happening on the client
  • Ability to easily integrate with scripts and programs written in any language
  • Ability to infinitely extend and modify the system with plugins
  • Ability to do all data-related tasks in one application
  • Native support for different domains (cheminformatics, bioinformatics, telecom, etc)
  • Built-in security


Our reward structure is flexible. We are open for discussing your expectations.

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