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ToyUp – is an american startup which has a goal to build smart plush toy for children, which they can talk to and learn foreign languages.

We're at the very early stage and currently trying to figure out how to build the first prototype of the toy. The main problem we have to solve for now is how to build the hardware part.

So we're looking for experienced hardware engineer who will help us build first prototype with following more complex development.

The requirements for prototype are:

- Some kind of micro computer built on Arduino or Raspberry Pi

- It should be connected to RFID reader, plus we need to be able to write some data to RFID tags

- It also should be connected to a speaker

- I think that the core logic of the device should be written on some high-level language, like on Node.js

- A flash memory to store the audio files is also required

- And, of course, it should have a rechargeable battery

So the hardware should host a Linux with running Node.js HTTP server that receives signals from RFID reader, process them and plays audio files on the speaker.

You if you think you know how to build it – please write to us!

Contact email:

Telegram: @igor_lyubimov, +1 650 546 9151


Stock options, possible relocation to San Francsico.