Senior JS Architect "Fintech Wizard"



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The role and responsibilities

The Customer strives to deliver innovative solutions and services for its clients. Our International Technology and Data Analytics team is continuing to develop new digital products for our clients, through an exciting and groundbreaking integrated and innovative platform. Thus, we invite you to apply for the position of "Software Architect" within the

Advisory department. Being part of the advisory department, you will belong to a cross functional product development team of 50 people. You will work closely with our different service lines, including Financial and Risk Management, Investment Funds, and Regulatory departments, and help to develop and bring exciting new products for the financial industry to the market. This will give you the opportunity to express your creativity and demonstrate your technological appetite in numerous projects, and be at the forefront of the financial and technological industries.

You will also receive trainings which will aim to help enhance your technical skills and soft skills and keep you up-todate with the latest technology and trends.Do you consider yourself creative and analytical? Believe that technology is the future? Do you want to push boundaries? Are you interested in expanding your skills and experience with rewarding client work? If the answer to these questions is yes, we would be happy to

hear from you. You will be part of a cross functional team focused on developing innovative products for the financial industry:

  • Analytics and advanced financial reporting.
  • FinTech / Startup mindset.
  • Digital.
  • Big data.

Дополнительные инструкции

  • The perfect candidate
  • You hold a Master Degree or a PHD.
  • You are a JavaScript Guru mastering every aspect of the language :
    • - You know exactly the stage of every proposal of ES7
    • - You know how to leverage object oriented design patterns
    • - You know every trick of the Prototype chain and how to re-implement a Class from scratch
  • You have a sound experience of using ReactJS to build very complex HTML5 applications (design patterns, flux, ...)
  • You know what is available in each browser and the relevant polyfills
  • Ideally you are also a full stack developer.
  • You believe you can do the work of 10 regular engineers.
  • You are comfortable working in a cross functional environment together with top class subjectmatter experts.
  • You have outstanding communication skills.
  • You can lead complex architecture design.
  • You are familiar with the agile development approach: Test Driven Development; Continuous integration.
  • You can act as a mentor and ramp up a team on very advanced technical aspects.
  • You care about: Global architectural design; Security; Quality; User experience; Documentation;Team spirit.