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We are searching for passionate Scala Developers Did you ever dream to design the proper event sourced system, which survives the load, the restarts and allows the deployments without a downtime? Then come to us and you will get the chance.


  • Coolest job in the country which involves the high performance clustered systems, actor system architecture, Play framework, WebSockets and a lot of fun
  • Entrepreneur culture of the company, which allows you to try the new approaches and technologies all the time
  • Outstanding challenges even when it comes to supporting the legacy systems
  • Unbeatable recognition from the business management which translates to very competitive salaries and the overall attitude.
  • Some more technologies we use include Akka (including Akka persistence!), AngularJS, Bootstrap and Spray.

Дополнительные инструкции

  • Passion for our profession. You must be the type of developer who loves what he does like he loves to breathe
  • Great Java/Scala programming background of all kinds. We welcome someone interested in working for a large enterprise as well as someone with a more entrepreneurial mindset, a person with a passion for new technologies
  • Interest in the latest programming trends such as the functional and reactive programming
  • Wish to constantly grow and improve yourself as a wide spectrum technical specialist.