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Frankly we need more than just a Frontend engineer. We need the strong javascript coder with an ability to organize and refactor applications structure. Btw JS presented in full stack. But most of the tasks imply work with markup, and even for mobiles. We believe in a declarative language, that’s why we are using ReactJS coupled with BEM notation. Also, we need a developer to be brave, because one should have no fear for Google Closure library in order to support and eliminate all the legacy code.

About you

We guess our hero is someone like this:

  • loves music and is aware of the diverse web music services;
  • separates model from view;
  • can provide feedback to designers about states and events that are missed in mockups;
  • follows a style guide;
  • rewrites the task runner quarterly;
  • writes asynchronious code that does not require chopsticks to understand;
  • uses rebase and merge intentionally;
  • is a team player and cooperates (i.e., does not consider colleagues to be assholes);
  • could give algorithm asymptotic estimates;
  • knows boolean operations and does not get confused with conditional statements;
  • uses functional features;
  • does not get shy to present own code for discussion;
  • could animate some interface either with script or with style features;
  • understands the difference between UDP and HTTP, and could adjust browser cache;
  • does not hesitate to search questions on stackoverflow;
  • knows browser debug features well;
  • sends pull requests in open source projects from time to time.

About us

Zvooq is a music service which immerses people in an addictive music experience, shaped by their connections to friends, artists and labels. We have great relations with labels and work together with them to offer people the best possible service. You can check it out at - or in the App Store, recently we've been charting at the top of music apps in Russia.

We're a young team and try to keep our team structure as flat as possible, expecting a high degree of responsibility from everyone who joins our team. In return, we enjoy an amazing amount of experience, free healthy lunches in our kitchen, and great opportunity for growth.

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