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About us:

Instabank is an Irish company with engineering offices in Prague and Moscow. The core team in the past 2 years has produced over 20 iPhone and Android apps for major retail banks like HomeCredit and UniCredit.

Join a fun, global team of top engineers, seasoned entrepreneurs and a few bankers for the adventure of a lifetime. We're changing personal banking industry, making people’s lives easier, and opening up a multi-billion dollar market in the process. We are currently looking for smart people who will help us to change the people's view of banking as a necessary evil and transform it to something that can be easy, transparent, social­­ and even fun.

This position is for you if you ...

Have tested a lot of different software over the last 2-3 years.
Understand the importance of measurable quality metrics and know how to calculate them.
Lead and inspire others by personal example.
Already have your own solid philosophy how to manage quality of a software product.
Know how to test anything: software, spoon or plastic card.
Know how to share this knowledge in documentation in a "concise but complete" manner.
Don't mind getting your hands dirty into console, deployment scripts and automation tools.
Understand the difference between leasing and clearing, or at least can find it in less than 60 seconds.
Have good grammar, at least in English.
Have already found at least one bug in this text.

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