Опыт работы
QA Engineer
Июль 2018 — По настоящее время (2 года и 2 месяца)

QA EngineerRemote work with
• Writing testing framework from scratch. Automatization of test cases using Selenium on Java. (Web-site with post server)
• Automatization of testing of mobile application using Appium
• Automatization of testing of electron application using Selenium(Python and Java)
• Manual testing and release management of main application on Java

Senior QA Engineer
Июль 2010 — Июль 2018 (8 лет и 1 месяц)

Developing, reviewing and executing on target requirement-based VBS/C test scripts, C/C++ software coverage analysis, C/C++ software code analysis.

• Setting up processes per regulative standards (DO-178), creating Software Development, Quality Assurance, Verification and other Plans.

• Development of verification process documents and verification techniques.

• Continuously improving process and paying high attention to quality.

• Software issues review and discussion with development (using JIRA).

• Customer liaison duties while being onsite (customer facility in USA) as a V&V Engineer: setting up test environment, negotiating technical issues with development team and project management, test process improvement.

• Investigation of C/C++ code and VBS test problems on target hardware.

• High level, low level requirements and C/C++ code development, integration, and testing in accordance with RTCA\DO-178B & DO-178C (embedded avionics systems).

• Development of certification documents suite in accordance with RTCA\DO-178B & DO-178C, including verification artifacts such as Software Verification Procedures and Results (“SVPR”).

• Participation in SOI (Stage of Involvement) audits as per RTCA\DO-178B & DO-178C performed by Certification Authorities.

Major Achievements:

• Successfully finished 2 projects: IMO and SDM on-site(USA, IA) at the same time in Rockwell Collins facility. Letter of credence can be provided. Coordinating work of Bars offshore team and HCL offshore and on-site team. Providing training and support for HCL team.

• Completed verification of WRT 2100 project on-site(USA, FL) in Rockwell Collins facility. Playing key role in the certification of the SW products, being involved in most problematic areas and resolving great amount of various issues in timely and quality manner. Responsible for the whole test process from planning, through test plan development, execution & result reporting. Also involved in the development and improvement of the test functions, putting forward suggestions and implementing plans accordingly.

• Major role in development of IMA Fault Mapping onsite (China, Shanghai), development of tools and instructions. Validation of tools and Fault Mapping, support and coordinate with interfacing organizations in limited time, budget and schedule planning.

• Successfully finished onsite project(USA, IA) FCS APS7000, verification of changed functionality of flight control system based on previous certification, code review, offshore team management.

• Leading role in CTP-6000(Control tuning panel) and RTU-4200(radio tuning unit) projects, starting from development and review of Hi and Low level requirements, code review and development, verification and automation of test scripts and environment development. Generation of structural coverage analysis(Bullseye and VectorCast) and issue handling. Writing metrics and formal documentation for SOI and certification. Onsite support in Rockwell Collins facility(USA, IA).

• Software V&V per RTCA/DO-178B/ DO-178C of the airborne software

• Matlab modules (simulink and stateflow diagrams) verification

• System testing,

• Integration testing of hardware and software,

• Inspection of the source code (as in compliance with coding standards and in compliance with the Software)

• Low-level testing (unit testing) according to the requirements of the software to ensure complete coverage of the source test procedures,

• Development of the necessary documentation for the testing,

• Automation of the testing process.

Major Achievements: development and support of test environment (using VB and C++ programming languages). Learned about Agile (Scrum) framework for managing product development.

Высшее образование
Юго-Западный государственный университет (бывший КГТУ)
Факультет: Информатики и вычислительной техники; ФИВТ
Сентябрь 2006—Июль 2016 (9 лет и 10 месяцев)
Department of Computer Science. Master degree in Computer Science Major subjects: mathematics, programming, probability theory Postgraduate student, subjects: parallel systems, optimization, microprocessors. Take the 2nd place in Intercollegiate Programming Contest (Delphi/C++)