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Alexandr Torrison

От 100 000 ₽ · Открыт к предложениям
Возраст: 34 года
Опыт работы: 13 лет и 3 месяца
Регистрация: 30.07.2013
Последний визит: 3 года назад
Местоположение: Украина, Киев
Профессиональные навыки: HTML · CSS · JQuery · Twitter Bootstrap · Less · PHP · Codeigniter · MySQL · JavaScript · Ajax
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Experience of use Skills, Tools and Instruments for perform responsibilities in Web Development and eCommerce.Project ManagementPlanning (tables, lists, steps, terms, requirements, assigning responsibility)SchedulesTask managementPMBOKWaterFall, Agile, KanbanProject Management SoftWare (TeamLab, BaseCamp, Мегаплан, Jira, TerraSoft XRM)Own PMS+Google Docs (tasks, project plan, access rules)Make standards, and high-quality rules for teamCommunication, define common names of bussiness instruments(objects and functions)Information architecture (project tree building, analysis, synthesis)MotivationRecruiting (job description, CV analysis, interview, test tasks)Training new team members (Web-design, Front-End, Back-End, Management)Preparation of contractsSNW-analysisSWOT-analysisAutomatisation: CRM, Call-center (orders + Asterisk Voice over IP), E-Taxi (logistics), reports.Business ModellingMS Excel + Summary tablesMS Project (Basic)MS Visio (Basic)1С (Basic)Information ArchitecturePrepare enterprise information objects corePrepare frames/forms for information data transferInformation analysis, synthesis, replacement (restructuration, check for errors/falsehood, optimisation)Information technology trainingBusiness AnalysisPreparation requirements and the input parameters for the analysisBABOKAnalysis of competitors and analogue of a productPreparation of analysis reportsFinancial analysis of the effectiveness of business toolsOptimization of business toolsMind-mappingOODCreating a hierarchy of objects and functions.XML, JSONDescription of the processes in text formDescription of the processes in the form of block diagrams yESDescription of the processes for BPMN (Basic)Design and optimization of the tables and their relationships in the databaseCreating and optimizing SQL queriesUnderstanding the 5 Whys techniqueOLAP (basic understanding)Data Mining (basic understanding)BPMNSystem AnalysisPHP OOD Program standardization and development optimizationDataBasesDesign, editing, administrationMySQL (MyISAM, InnoDB), PostgreSQLMySQL WorkBenchPostgreSQLphpMyAdmin(De)NormalisationRelations: 1-1, 1-many, many-manyWriting complex SQL queries (JOIN, GROUP BY, DISTINCT, GROUP CONCAT...)Using indexes to speed up the WHEREPartitioning, Sharding, Replication (basic understanding)NoSQL, MongoDB (Basic)High Load, Big Data (Middle)Sphinx (Basic)Product ManagementPreparation specification for automation of business toolsPreparation specification for APICommunication with developersPlanning for implementationPreparation of the mandatory requirements for safety, speed, architectureCommunication with testersWorks follow upWriting documentationTechnical WritingUse CasesProduct Analysis (UX/UI, Design, Front-End, JavaScript Actions, AJAX, CallBacks, DataBase, Algorithms)Web Graphics & UI DesignSketchesPhotoShopIllustrator (basic)After Effects (basic)Fundamentals of CompositionFundamentals of ColorsStiles, trends, ideas, conceptsUnderstanding UX, UI designDesign a mobile version of the site (Basic)DOM (tags, parent-child, attributes, class, id)HTML5+CSS3+JS/JQuery Basic AnimationLESS (basic), SASS (basic)BootStrapChosenIE optimizationCross-browser, Cross-platform optimizationCSS DropDownGoogle Material UIFluid UIFront-End ProgrammingPrepare specificationJavaScript, OOP with prototype, events.AJAX, JSONJQuery, JQuery UI, JQuery.Form, JQuery.cookie, JQuery.audio, JQuery.videoGoogle Maps API, JQuery.GeocompliteYandex Maps APISocial Plugins for Web-Developers (Fb, Vk, G+)2 Level Architecture (Libs, Plugins,FramеWork and Pages, Services)IE optimizationModernizrFloat-Holders for float zoom bug fixResponsive HTML (Basic)Cross-browser, Cross-platform optimizationAngularJS (Basic)BackBone.JS (Basic)Sencha (ExtJS) (Basic)Smarty (Basic)Twig (Basic)Google Material Bootstrap UIBackEnd ProgrammingPrepare specificationPHP 5.4. CodeIgniter (Advanced) often useZend, Yii, Kohana, Symfony (Basic)OOP (encapsulation, inheritance/extends, interfaces, polymorphism)MVC Pattern (also use SingleTon, Factory, Proxy, Adapter, Bridge, Object pool, Prototype etc.)CodeIgniter Active Record (Simple ORM)Protection from: SQL injection, XSS Filters, Unauthorized accessFileWorksAuth System (Ion Auth for CodeIgniter)Access System for user groupsOwn CRUD Generation solution- http://inside.ikiev.biz/Own Mini Project Management System - http://brandwall.ikiev.biz/ (Demo)Optimization of SQL queries, arrays, loops, logicUse $$, @, & php prefixes.PDO (Basic)Exceptions (Basic)HTML output caching.Memcache (Basic)API programmingCurlHierarchical Architecture (Libs, Plugins, FramеWork and Pages, Services)SOLID, DRY, YAGNI > BUFDGit branching and mergingphpDocumentator2 (basic)Code style any of CamelCase or unix_c_style, sometime mixed.Use break,continue in loops and exit in scripts.Programming filtering and sorting arraysGeolocationPHPExcelXML, JSON API integrationHTML, XML, Files, DB parsingRegEx (Middle)Google API, Yandex APIVisicom APIPayU, LiqPay online pay integration (Visa, Privat24), WebMoney online pay integrationMailerLoop sendmail service integrationPerl, Java, ASP.NET, C#, Python, Ruby, Node.js (Basic Skills)DoctrineORM (Basic)Mobile ProgrammingPrepare specification for design, objects, logic, server APIJava (Basic)IDE: IntelliJ Idea, EclipseAndroid Studio, JDK, Android SDKXCode, iOS, Objective-C, Storyboards (Basic)QA, Testing, Unit-testingUX analysisPrepare a list of items and processes to cover by test casesSilenium + Mozzilla Browser AppSilenium + Java + WebDriver (basic skills)JQuery + QUnitHighLoad ImitationBug TrackingPHPUnitCrossBrowser, CrossPlatform testingJS AJAX Robots for Web-site testingSystem AdministratingWindows InstallWindows Server (Basic)Ubuntu Desktop InstallUbuntu update and prepare to work (install drivers, make changes, update core)Ubuntu ServerLAMP, MySQL, PHP, Apache, OpenSSH, nginxDNS, SubdomainsNetwork organisationInstall in Windows: 7-Zip, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Reader, Android SDK, AVS Video, Daemon Tools, Git, GDrive, Chrome, Printer Driver, K-lite Codecs, LiveUSB Creator, MS Office, MS Visual Studio, Meta Trader, Mozilla, Crome, ThunderBird, Denver, Nero, Notepad++, OpenOffice, OpenVPN, pgAdmin, Safari, Skype, TeamViewer, MS Project, uTorrent, WebMoney, WinSCP, Zend, GIMP, Java, Eclipse, RealVNC, Putty, Sublime Text 2, WinRAR, TurtoiseSVN, VirtualBOXHighLoad: RAID, Partitioning, Mirroring, BackUp, MySQL Tuning.Security: AntiDDOS, FireWall, Process Control, Data Logging.Basic server programming: shell, gnu c, perl, python, node.js, php.MarketingPEST-analysisUnderstanding the Red and Blue OceanAnalysis of the product (demand, propositions, competition, audience, part of the market)Viral MarketingMaintenance and analysis of the sales funnels, buyers channels, conversions, failures, feedbacks.BCG-matrixPorter five forces analysisPRContent writingBrand PR StrategyInformation flows managementCommunications scriptsCRMVideo content (ideas, planning, producing)Audio content (ideas, planning, producing)PR events (social, video, parties, communities)Community buildingReputation analysis and managementInternet-marketingAnalysis of Internet-demand (Adwords KeyTools, Wordstat.Yandex, Google Trands)Search Ads (Google AdWords, Yandex Direct)SEO (Content, internal links, keywords, external links and articles)Specification for SEO Content Generation (Text Generation, Links Replace)Display Ads (Google, Yandex)SMM (Vk, FaceBook, G+), Babkee.ruYouTube (chanel, video, adv)Google.WebMaster, Yandex.WebMasterGoogle Analytics (push, eCommerce), Yandex MetricsMake a popular propositionLanding PagesContentAdsSEO ArticlesAnalytical articlesSelling Landing PageSales ManagementScripting communications and Description of the sales process(cold, warm, hot calls, chat, e-mail, social. networks, presentations, private meetings, events)Sales trainingsSellers motivationMake rules of negotiation in salesHRPrepare vacancy text (Need skills, Company features)Add vacancy and/or find resume on:Work.ua, Rabota.ua, Job.ukr.net, LinkedIn, hh.ua, djinni.co, fl.ru.Prepare test task.Prepare communication script for emailing, skype and individual communications.Use LinkedIn Recruiting automatisation robotsPrepare forms and communication script for interview with a potential partnerMain used desktop softwareMS WindowsMac OSUbuntu (Unity)For Server: Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD (Gnome, KDE)Browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, IE)MS Office, Open Office, Liberte OfficeNotepad++Snippets (FingerText)Sublime Text 2NetBeans IDEphpStorm IDEXCode IDEAndroid Studio IDEWinSCPOpenVPNPutty (SSH in unix), VNCUnix shell/sh/bashUnix: LAMP, Apache, nginx, MySQL, PHP, Perl, cron.GitWinMergeyEDGraphics: PhotoShop, Pixlr, Gimp, MS PaintAnimations: Adobe After Effects, AVS Video EditorCommunications: Skype, Hangouts, 3CX Phone (VoIP), Viber, GMail, Mail.ru, TeamViewerSaaS FileWorks: Google Docs, DropBox, GitHub, Google Maps, Google Translator, etc.Chrome Addons: TamperMonkey, Colorpicker, Ruler, Full Page ScreenShot, LightShotMozilla Addons: SeleniumSAAS: Gmail, Google Drive, Mail.ru, DropBOX

Опыт работы

  • IT.ikiev.biz
    Октябрь 2007 — По настоящее время (13 лет и 3 месяца)