Обо мне

I've successfully built web applications different complexity in different domains.
I have an experience of providing architecture, design and implementation for small, medium and large systems. I have been working as a team leader for teams of different sizes and compositions for last few years.
I'm investing in code quality: following SOLID, writing unit-tests, making flexible code structure, writing documentation and much-much more I can get from my experience.
I've worked with number of products from the scratch: investigating use-cases, designing several concepts of the future application, making a choice of technologies and finally implementation. 

I have a base experience about running infrastructure, DevOps, CI/CD.
My primary languages are JavaScript, Typescript. 

Looking for part-time/short-term projects.

Опыт работы
Senior Software Engineer
Август 2014 — Август 2019 (5 лет и 1 месяц)

- Software Architecture

- Application Design

- Web applications Development

Front-end Developer
Февраль 2013 — Август 2014 (1 год и 7 месяцев)
Ооо "Лицом К Лицу"
Февраль 2012 — Февраль 2013 (1 год и 1 месяц)
Чпуп "Актив Онлайн Сервис"
Ноябрь 2011 — Февраль 2012 (4 месяца)