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Опыт работы
Software Engineer
Декабрь 2014 — По настоящее время (5 лет и 11 месяцев)
Supporting sites on 1C-Bitrix CMS. Integration with 1C.VELENA:E-commerce site for company VELENA.Development work.http://velena.com1) Modifications in news, catalog, basket, order components.2) Different price for each groups.3) Integration with social networks.4) Integration with 1C.5) Accessibility on some pages by user group.FEOFIL:E-commerce site http://feofil.com.ua1) Modifications in menu, catalog components and vote.2) Fixing bugs.CHASMAISTRIV:E-commerce site http://chasmaistriv.com.uaRe-building parts of site.1) Re-development in catalog and filter components.2) Browsing books by slogan.3) Integration with 1C.4) Fixing bugs.OTKRYTKA:E-commerce site http://otkrytka.uaSupporting project.1) Fixing integration errors.2) Fixing bugs.Obtaining next 1C-Bitrix certificates:- 1C-Bitrix Course for Hosters- 1C-Bitrix Technology "Composite website"- 1C-Bitrix Bitrix24 box version user
Intern Bitrix Framework Developer
Сентябрь 2014 — Ноябрь 2014 (3 месяца)
Obtaining 1C-Bitrix Certificates:- Content Manager;- Administrator.Base;- Administrator.Modules;- Administrator.Business;- Bitrix Framework Developer .
Частная практика, работа без зачисления в штат
Декабрь 2012 — По настоящее время (7 лет и 11 месяцев)
FDS (Fortune Design Studio) fds.ua
web developer
Май 2014 — Июль 2014 (3 месяца)
Working on projects:MEBLAR -'s furniture store (1C-Bitrix):- fixing errors in the template and modules.Business card site - MemoryPages - QR codes on monuments (own company cms):- сonnection template to engine;Business card site for company "ХАРЬКОВ-ЭКОРЕСУРС) (own company cms):- сonnection template to engine;- refinement cms for a particular site;- accept bids for services;- view current balance and information about bids in cabinet;- recharge your balance from cabinet.https://github.com/Straven/ecokharkiv - code at the time when i finish my work on the project "Kharkiv-Ecoresource."
php trainee
Март 2014 — Апрель 2014 (2 месяца)
test tasks for wordpressSource code - https://github.com/Straven/wordpress_dev_learning
Май 2013 — Август 2013 (4 месяца)
Developing and support web applications.unnamed_5-soft_project:- messaging;- adding and editing pet pedigree (auto and manual);- user wall;- wiki about cats and dogs races.- modifying admin module.kiev-express (booking and sale bus tickets from Kiev):- fixing errors in booking system;- modifying buses and routes view;- modifying discount installation system.
Июль 2012 — Декабрь 2012 (6 месяцев)
All sites currently unavailable.Front-end works:- business-card site for agency PreventGroup;- business-card site for company;- business-card site for travel agency TurneEE;Sites with backend:- paypal2ru (service to receive orders to transfer funds from Paypal to any other payment system or a bank card.);- CardsCDPay - (site for sale bank cards).