Как вы себя чувствуете в самоизоляции, как адаптируетесь, как работаете, какими привычками обзаводитесь — об этом наш новый опрос. Пройдите его (займёт 10 минут) и в конце узнайте, как дела у других.
Обо мне

Automation QA Engineer.

5+ years of in-depth QA Engineering experience including designing and maintaining a test-suites of desktop and web applications. Building Test Suites using a Best practice that optimizes for speed and confidence with the Testing Pyramid in mind.

2+ years with Integration and Acceptance testing automation. Modern End2End feature testing and UI automation with CodeceptJS, Mocha using Puppeteer and WebdriverIO.
- Selenium Webdriver
- Selenoid
- Mocha
- CodeceptJS
- Cypress
- API testing automation using Postman/Newman and cURL.

Usual stack:
1. Ubuntu
2. Docker containers with Selenium hub, Selenoid using Chrome/Firefox nodes
3. Vagrant - virtualization using custom Windows 10 box with MS Edge node
4. Pytest, CodeceptJS, Mocha - frameworks to automate and organize tests
5. Selenium, Puppeteer - browser automation
6. TestComplete - GUI/widget based desktop app automation
7. Postman, Newman, cURL - API testing automation



Опыт работы
Company that helps developers make the most of investment in development tools, platforms, and rich client applications
Senior QA Engineer
Июнь 2018 — По настоящее время (1 год и 11 месяцев)

Implement the PyTest based framework to cover Acceptance level of the Test Pyramid from scratch. Automate manually executed test-cases using PageObjectPatterns with Selenium, tune-up docker using selenium hub under Continuous Integration to remote webdriver execution. API, integration and E2E testing enhancement with Postman-Newman.

Specification verification and validation. Cover the new features with use-cases testing (feature testing) based on Acceptance criteria, their automation to reach a new-line statement code coverage quality target on each iteration. Help developers to design and maintain unit tests using Jest with decision condition coverage in mind.

Интегратор и вендор в области безопасности
Automation QA Engineer
Сентябрь 2017 — Июнь 2018 (10 месяцев)

Carried manual and automation tests of the web and desktop application called Litoria. Closely work with the Product Owner, clarify requirements and refine Acceptance criteria. Created an absolutely new test model. Implement Agile under custom SCRUM. Generate, administrate and execute test cases not covered by automation to satisfy NIST based X.509 standard

Implement the Python-based framework using Pytest and Selenium modules. Automate core API and Functional test-cases.

Responsible for all junior testers, assign tasks/sub-tasks, split N-wise work.

Best in test plans and reports with statistic analysis of the number of bugs before and after release (customer incidents). Bring new ideas about Definition of Done and Stop testing metrics. Continuous improvements of the product - Feature Request and requirements validation. I think that spec bug can have priority and severity equal to a functional bug in some cases.

Крупнейшая телекоммуникационная и ведущая ИТ-компания
Senior QA Engineer
Декабрь 2016 — Сентябрь 2017 (10 месяцев)

Functional testing Oracle Siebel. Test suite validation based on release notes - cover new features with new test-cases and maintain existing ones by review and revise. Manual tests execution.

Interaction with Automation team, cover high priority test-cases with automation using the next stack: Groovy, Geb, Gradle. Daily standup and meetings with the distributed team.

Release questions, product guides documentation, and team's knowledge tracking with Atlassian Confluence.