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The Standard - Don't Braking and Turning the Steering Wheel Suddenly

The Standard - When driving a car in the midst of rain, do not move on the brake pedal or turn the brakes suddenly. This can cause your vehicle to slip or spin. Work gently on your partner if needed.

www.thehdstandard.com - Don't Use Cruise ControlNot asked to activate cruise control. Because if it is done can make your car accelerate while hydroplaning and disrupt the driving focus of the car. Wiper Check Before starting the rush to use the car, you should first check the wiper situation. Make sure the driving motor works and the rubber can wipe the rain water on the windshield properly. If the wiper rubber is brittle, it's better to just exchange it.

The Standard - Hold the steering wheel properly. A good hand sequence when driving a car is in the direction of 9-3 or 10-2. These two sequences are the safest in driving. Remember when driving avoid holding a smartphone, snacks, or anything that can interfere with concentration.

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