Обо мне

I am a full stack Ruby on Rails developer and a web designer.

For long time my major focus was graphics part of web-design, and I have eventually included HTML, Sass and Ruby on Rails as back-end into my workflow. Now I prefer to get straight to the HTML, skipping the PSD mock-ups part at all.

Besides making things just look good, a big part of my work on websites is structuring the content to make the message very clearly and logically presented.

I came to the Ruby on Rails world from web design, now I have 2 years of practice of building websites when I’m both back-end and front-end and sometimes designer as well.

My personal drive is to make things clearer, more transparent, frictionless, automated and effective. Today, with arrival of computing power, there has emerged a great potential of liberating people from monkey work that could be automated. I believe it will give us more time and help set our personal energy free so that we could put it to higher purpose and find more time to be kinder to each other and our environment.

Портфолио: http://integral-design.ru/projects

Профессиональные навыки
Ruby on RailsRubyJavaScriptPostgreSQLHTMLSlimJQueryLinuxGitSass
Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
Крупнейший агрегатор квестов в реальности в России и мире
Full-stack разработчик, верстальщик, немного веб-дизайнер
Апрель 2017 — По настоящее время (3 года и 7 месяцев)
Integral Design
Front-end, back-end Ruby on Rails dev, веб-дизайнер, верстальщик, founder
Декабрь 2012 — По настоящее время (7 лет и 11 месяцев)
TECHNOLOGIES USED: - Ruby on Rails - JavaScript, jQuery - HTML5 / CSS 3, Sass - Responsive design (Susy, FlexBox) - Affinity Designer - Photoshop - InDesign RESPONSIBILITIES: - Front-end design - Back-end with Ruby on Rails - UX and Information Architecture - Website design - Customer relations A small remote web development agency focused on landings, online education projects and sites for small business. During this time I refined Sass-based design (almost no Photoshop, Bootstrap right from the start), learnt Rails, created a couple of personal projects, including well selling digital product.
Декабрь 2007 — Декабрь 2012 (5 лет и 1 месяц)
Обязанности: - Дизайн баннеров для существующих сайтов Sony - Создание рекламных сайтов для промо-акций - Работа над интерфейсом интернет-магазина Sony - Дизайн регулярных новостных рассылок Sony CIS is the Russian office of Sony. I worked in a marketing team and was the only designer in the CIS office. I maintained the only 2 official Sony’s websites in Russia - sony.ru and sonystyle.ru (now renamed to store.sony.ru). Knowing no programming languages yet, I created a shop locator service for Sony Centre stores across Russia based on vanilla CGI-include technique. I also regularly created (drew and coded) stand-alone promotional mini-websites describing some campaigns. RESPONSIBILITIES: - web banners for sony.ru - HTML and graphics for SonyStyle (Sony's only official e-commerce site selling across Russia) - newsletter campaigns (graphics) for sony.ru - promo mini-websites for regular markenig campaigns - UX evolution of the e-commerce site TECHNOLOGIES USED: - Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign - xHTML / CSS 2 - Blender
Creative Boutique
Май 2007 — Октябрь 2007 (6 месяцев)
During those several months I designed a couple websites, made package design in 3D, created mock-ups of outdoor banners. RESPONSIBILITIES: - Company website design - Commercial site design - Stationary design - A little 3D visualization in Blender TECHNOLOGIES USED: - Photoshop - Illustrator - Blender
Веб Технологии
Февраль 2006 — Май 2007 (1 год и 4 месяца)
RESPONSIBILITIES: - Website design (only graphics) - Brand stationary design - Flash and GIF banners - Video presentations in Flash TECHNOLOGIES USED: - Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign - Flash
Переводчик, Веб-дизайнер
Июнь 2004 — Февраль 2006 (1 год и 9 месяцев)
Достижения: - Пришел переводчиком португальского — ушел дизайнером, выучил испанский
Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow
Сотрудник фитнес-центра
Март 2004 — Май 2004 (3 месяца)
Фитнес-центр «Олимп»
Инструктор по аэробике
Ноябрь 2002 — Март 2004 (1 год и 5 месяцев)
Ночной клуб «Taxman»
Организатор вечеринок
Декабрь 2000 — Май 2002 (1 год и 6 месяцев)
Обязанности: - Организация вечеринок Достижения: - Огранизовывал душевные hip-hop вечеринки по 150 чел
Высшее образование
Московский государственный лингвистический университет
Факультет: Переводческий
Январь 1999—Январь 2004 (5 лет)
Португальский и английский языки