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Обо мне

During my free time, I’m fond of learning Android and react - native programming and developing algorithms for big data using Apache Storm.

Besides, during July – September 2014 I have successfully completed Java courses in the company “Exposit” in Grodno, Belarus. And got a certificate, that confirms my successfully ending of them. Special emphasis of courses was laid on the development of Web-based applications using Spring and Hibernate. I have learned a lot on these courses, as well as improved my knowledge in certain areas. I have learned more deeply the concept of the OOP, have studied detailed the use of collections in Java. I’ve used the following Java technologies: Maven, Hibernate (have developed Hibernate-layer and learned how to store and retrieve data objects), Spring MVC (have studied very well the concept of Model-View-Controller). I’ve applied the following internet technologies: HTML, Java Server Pages (JSP), used JSTL-tags and applied CSS. Besides, I’ve used the application server “Tomcat Web Server”. Also used the SVN-repository. By the end of the course, I have defended the project Web-application "bookstore", which includes the work of Hibernate and Spring MVC. The application is developed in Java language with the use of Eclipse IDE.

I took a course of E-legion and Google lectures on Android Application Development during April – July 2015. Here are some of the topics that were explored during this course:

  • SDK, Gradle, Android Studio
  • Main application components, application life cycle.
  • Intents, IntentFilters, BackStack Activity
  • Application resources, modifiers
  • Data storage
  • Content Provider + Loader
  • LayoutInflater, UI controls, AdapterView
  • Service, BroadcastReceiver
  • Notifications
  • Android Animation Framework
  • GooglePlayServices
  • Android Support Library, Fragment Framework
  • Material Design

In September 2016 I successfully completed and received a certificate of the Android – school programming course in company “E-Legion” in Kazan, Russia. The main purpose of course was the development of client – server applications on the Android OS including studying of such topics as architecture of android applications, reactive programming with RxJava, modern architectural patterns, like MVP and MVVM, android – apps testing and much more. At the end of the courses, I have developed a client – server application for football fans “Premier League” on Android OS.

Профессиональные навыки
Опыт работы
Android developer
Июнь 2015 — По настоящее время (5 лет и 2 месяца)
You can see 8 android apps developed by myself below: 1) Transkriptor. Details: transcribe words from German into Russian. 2) The solution of systems of linear algebraic equations by Gauss and Cramer. 3) Monte Carlo. Details: finding the area of ​​a rectangle using the Monte Carlo method (the method is shown graphically). 4) Game “Funny pairs”. Description: the game field 4х4 is filled with various pictures. Pictures are shown to the gamer in the beginning of the game and then are turned around. This game requires user to spot the identical logical pairs. If user finds the identical pairs, they will disappear; otherwise, they’ll be turned around. This game keeps the score and records. Here are three difficulty levels that, in turn, are broken up into 10 levels. 5) Game “Math Game”. Description: android application for children that helps to overcome the problems of poor oral counting skills. 6) Expenses. Description: This app allows you to keep track all your costs with dynamic user interface. 7) Ticker: running line. Description: It’s a simple app that displays your text at full screen. Ticker allows you: to select text color, to choose a background color, to show text as roll title or to fit it into your screen, to save all the created captions in your history. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mikes.dept.ticker&hl=en 8) Credits. Description: this app allows you to keep organized all your debts. Now you don’t need to remember who owes you a $100, and whom you owe €23. You can invite as many friends as you need, use as many currencies as you need. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.credits.v1&ah=ilsxgG0d20L0ON4kBFcQAa_ttN4&hl=en You can see 2 android apps in which I fixed bugs and added new features: 1) Balance BY. Description: Automatic checking account balance of mobile network operators and Internet service providers. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vladyud.balance&hl=en 2) Mobilebank.by. Description: This app allows you to learn the course of NBRB, the best exchange rates in the Republic of Belarus and other details. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=by.belarusianbanks.android.evans&hl=en
Высшее образование
Гродненский государственный университет имени Янки Купалы
Факультет: Математики и информатики
Сентябрь 2012—По настоящее время (7 лет и 10 месяцев)
Now, I'm studying at Grodno State Yanka Kupala University on the faculty of Mathematic and Informatics on the 5th course. Me specialization is Economical Cybernetics. I'm successfully studying at university. My average mark is 7.5. More over I'm a captain of a football team of Mathematic and Informatics faculty. I'm successfully represent my team one time a year on the competitions between faculties of different universities of our town.