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Профессиональные навыки
Опыт работы
Full spectrum of custom software services
Head of HR Department/Recruiting Coordinator
Апрель 2013 — Июль 2015 (2 года и 4 месяца)
• Being responsible for effective and fast recruitment process in the Company; • Organizing and coordinating Recruitment team; • Internal Recruitment training and knowledge sharing; • Active and effective Recruiting/Hunting of IT specialists (Java, .NET,PHP, QA,Project managers, Systems Analysts,Mobile devs,- etc); • Elaborating HR processes documentation; • Participating in Job fairs and IT Conferences; • Newcomers’ adaptation; • Exit-interviewing; • PR activivities coordination.
IT Recruiter/HR Manager
Сентябрь 2008 — Апрель 2013 (4 года и 8 месяцев)
• Managing full-cycle recruiting process for IT candidates ensuring a smooth and positive candidate experience, including screening resumes, qualifying/interviewing candidates, and negotiating; • Performing in-depth sourcing of candidates by using creative forms of web sourcing ( social networking, LinkedIn, job boards, DBs), referrals, etc; • Reviewing assigned requirements and prioritizing recruitment efforts; • Developing innovative and diverse recruiting strategies and developing best practices for technical positions; • Adaptation, motivation, corporate activities; • Staying current with industry and staffing trends.
Консалтинг в ИТ и разработка программного обеспечения
HR Manager/IT Recruiter
Август 2005 — Сентябрь 2008 (3 года и 2 месяца)
• Recruiting IT specialists including both experienced employees and new university hires; • Interviewing the candidates and checking their English level; • Holding Project Coordination and full correspondence and with foreign customers in regards to human resources issue (CambridgeSoft project); • Acting as a key contact for all the candidates and holding feedback process; • Organizing systematic educational programs for the personnel in accordance with Company’s needs; • Participating in job fairs at the Universities; • Organizing corporate activities and maintaining favorable psychological climate in the team; • Newcomers adaptation; • Developing compensation and benefits package; • Assisting in foreign partners’ arrival; • Received a trophy in nomination «Main female role» in the company. :-)
Высшее образование
Минский государственный лингвистический университет
Факультет: Межкультурных коммуникаций
Сентябрь 2000—Июнь 2005 (4 года и 9 месяцев)
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