Product Analyst
Полный рабочий день • Можно удаленно
What we’re looking for: Product experience — we would like you to have the necessary cones already filled, a set of shortcuts in the work was developed, and so on; The desire to structure thoughts, ideas, hypotheses — we need to put in order the process of working with data, conducting experiments, interpreting results, and so on. Clarity of communication — it will be necessary to work closel...

Peter Hudson

От 90 000 $ · Не ищу работу
логистик, Менеджер продукта, Генеральный директорРазвитие бизнеса

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46 лет · 17 лет

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Solstice Logistics · Investment Manager · 17 лет

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FIU-Miami · Business Administration · 3 года и 9 месяцев