Обо мне

• Fluent English (both written and spoken);

• Strong mathematical skills, especially in: statistics and probability theory, functional analysis, applied cryptography;

• Development of the problem-specific algorithms and complex data structures, computational complexity theory;

• CUDA development for extreme performance applications;

• C++ development; STL, boost, MFC, WTL, managed C++;

• Knowledge of OOP and design patterns, CERT Secure Coding Standard;

• Windows development (WinAPI, COM, ActiveX, W10 specifics);

• Linux development basics;

• Multi-threaded applications development and debug;

• Program design from scratch, writing clear specifications;

• Network applications development and protocols design;

• Team work, establishment of the development process;

• Exceptional ability to communicate ideas visually and in a written form;

• SVN, TFS, git, make, CMake, JIRA, Jenkins, TWiki, SharePoint basics;

• OpenCV, DirectX, OpenGL;

• C#, Java, Delphi development.

Профессиональные навыки
Опыт работы
F-Secure Corporation
Senior Software Engineer
Ноябрь 2013 — Ноябрь 2015 (2 года и 1 месяц)
Anti-virus client software development (C++, boost, Qt), Windows 10 adaptation, design and implementation of MS-specific antiviral services (SharePoint, Exchange), lots of maintance and legacy refactor work. Application with 50M users.
Крупнейшая российская поисковая система и портал. Яндекс есть также в Казахстане, Беларуси и Турции.
Software Engineer
Апрель 2013 — Ноябрь 2013 (8 месяцев)
High-performance cluster-based real-time data analysis framework development (Linux, C++). Distributed DBMS development.
R&D Team Lead
Апрель 2012 — Апрель 2013 (1 год и 1 месяц)
Algorithms design, tasks management and workflow management establishment. Development of the handwritten structured information recognition framework based on the OpenCV library (C++).
Senior C++ developer
Март 2010 — Апрель 2012 (2 года и 2 месяца)
Development of the real-time system for biometric data analysis (C++, RT Linux, CUDA). Design and implementation of automated tool for brain surgery (C++, CUDA).
C++ developer
Август 2008 — Февраль 2010 (1 год и 7 месяцев)
Development of the electronic content authoring tool (C++, WinAPI, COM, MSXML), the leadership in development process. Related DBMS development (C++).
C# developer / Junior C++ developer
Май 2006 — Июль 2008 (2 года и 3 месяца)
Development of the data protection system (C++, WinAPI), development and support of various side-projects: the configuration portal (C#, ASP.NET), source code migration tool (C++, XML), audio codec (C++, VB.NET), applications for mobile devices (VB, SmartDevices).
Высшее образование
Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет (бывший ЛГУ)
Факультет: Математико-механический
Сентябрь 2005—Май 2010 (4 года и 8 месяцев)
Department of System Programming Finished trainings: * Algorithms for the Internet information services * Neural networks and genetic programming * Mathematical methods of applied cryptography * CERT C++ Secure Coding Standard * Development of the reliable compilers * Publishing systems: TeX, PostScript * Prolog Programming * Applications of Fast Fourier Transform in signal analysis