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Furniture That Add Grace To The Ambiance Of A Wedding Party


No doubt, wedding is a special day for a couple. Best friends, relatives, colleagues, and many other important personalities, whom you have a close connection, visit the wedding reception venue. You strive hard for special arrangements to comfort your guests at the venue. The food certainly plays a key role in making your party memorable, but the venue decorated with soothing, comforting and stylish furniture also leaves a great impression on visitors. 

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The following sections and subsections converse about the pieces of furniture that add the grace factor to a wedding party -

Seating Arrangements -

Chairs - The trend of buffet in wedding parties is at summit, these days. To save over expenditure, people do not lay tables and chairs to cater silver service dinner to their guests. Instead there is some sort of seating arrangement at the event. No one really wants to stand during the traditions and customs. When ordering chairs for wedding reception, the organizers or one of the members of your family should personally visit the supplier's facility to check the comfort feature of the chairs, being booked. 

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Further, you should ask the party decorators to position these petty furnishings in a way that they do not make ambiance look congested. Armed or unarmed chair is your priority, but there should be proper arrangements for seating.

Sofa set - In the front rows (1-3), event planners and decorators suggest placing sofa sets. These soft daybed chairs look glaringly comfortable, and add to the feel of a party venue. The party decorators should bear in mind the symmetry and rules of color combination when placing these pieces of furniture. To add appeal, one can think of covering the sofa sets with contrasting sofa covers and cushions. To adjoin more elegance, you can also opt for floral decoration, whether natural or artificial. Do not forget to use artificial perfume when using artificial flowers.

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There should be an equilibrium or evenness in the chair and sofa laying pattern. You should order chairs considering the number of guests you have invited for the party.

Food, wine and work tables -

Position - Guests want to enjoy the party while gazing at the wedding activities taking place. For this, plan the seating and food and drink arrangements systematically. You can position the food serving tables on one side of the seating arrangement, and drinks on the other. When organizing the dinner on the buffet counter, make certain that you place the items according to the course they belong. All work and supporting tables must be at the back side so that they do not single out ambiance of the party.

Decoration - For convenience of the guests, place the name plates at the front of the food or beverage item. The color of the table covers should match with the chairs and other furnishings at the venue. And front hangings should have contrasting designs.

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