Обо мне
  • More than 12 years of diverse management experience in Software Development and Web Development.
  • Proven track record in project and product management, project planning and events management.
  • Agile experience: XP, Scrum, Kanban, Jira, Confluence and Trello.
  • Attention to details, comfortable multitasking, result oriented, ability to work in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments, excellent problem-solving skills, outstanding communication and leadership skills.
  • Coordinated teamwork of up to 25 developers and QA engineers.
  • Line manager for more than 60 people. Deeply involved in the recruitment and HR process.
  • Mobile experience: Android & iOS app QA
  • English has been the language for business communication over the last 7 years.
  • Some basic German (A2)
    Опыт работы
    Management, Yaroslavl Confirmit Office
    Апрель 2012 — По настоящее время (8 лет и 1 месяц)


          Confirmit is a global company specializing in the development of software for feedback data collection: market research, employee survey tools, customer satisfaction and feedback management with 800+ employees worldwide. Our branch is currently in the state of rapid growth (+150% employees for the last 4 year).

    My role is to provide support to the Product Managers and Team Leaders ensuring smooth operation for all major projects.

    • Resource allocation – working with team leads to provide an understanding of the resources needed for their teams and then trying to fill in the talent gaps.
    • The sheer volume of the product requires quite an institutionalized process for the development that often leads to lack of motivation or declining productivity of the team members – my role is to ensure conflict resolution and empower the teams to self-organize.
    • Strong recruitment support – working with team leads to identify HR needs, I have been heavily involved into a selection of the suitable staff for our teams, ensuring “happy marriage” of the existing experienced staff and the ambitious newcomers.
    • Participating in arranging meetups, hackathons, conferences and contests for the local community of Software Developers.
    Июнь 2016 — Сентябрь 2017 (1 год и 4 месяца)
    • Mobile app QA - Android & iOS mobile application testing (mobile apps for finance and investment companies in most cases).
    Языковая школа Дмитрия Никитина
    Февраль 2011 — Апрель 2012 (1 год и 3 месяца)

    The collaboration began in 2008 when I joined the http://dnschool.ru/  English classes as a student and consulted the management on a few subjects of online presence and web design, and in 2011, I accepted the job offer as an IT Project manager overseeing all of the School’s web and IT activities. My extensive experience in the IT field allowed me to help with the School’s aim to become more up-to-date with the technology requests, while allowing me a better work-life balance.

    • Successfully released new web-projects and coordinated support for websites and social media groups.
    • Search Engine Optimization: the School was within the first top 10 positions in all relevant searches that helped significantly reduce the offline advertising costs and efforts.  I dealt with content management team also – coordinated weekly sites updates, community and social media group support.
    • Run the office as the CEO during the absence of the CEO (up to the quarter of the year). Supervise school branch in Rybinsk city.
    Разработка системы деловых коммуникаций и электронного документооборота с >1 млн. компаний-пользователей
    Август 2010 — Март 2011 (8 месяцев)

    Tensor is one of the key providers of governmental online report services in the country, which allows its customers to interact remotely with the Federal Tax Service of Russia, the Pension Fund of Russia, the Federal State Statistics Service, etc. Mine role was a hybrid of a Project Manager and a Product Owner in Tensor’s web-development projects. I managed the web-development team (designers, copywriters, testers, QA and developers) from the resource allocation point of view, effectively delegating tasks to get things done.

    Key projects:

    • Company main website http://tensor.ru/. Successfully released the re-design from scratch within just three months, effectively liaising with top management and various departments for the necessary approvals. This was a convoluted process from the approval point of view, as the project required 4 iterations and more than 8 months in total.

    • Coordinated redesign of the http://ereport.sbis.ru/website for the key company product. I managed to coordinate the creation of the website structure, prototypes and design mock-up.

    • Implemented analytics, user experience and usability research for the http://k-vesta.ru/- the web resource for the HR needs of the company.

    • Also: supervised SEO, QA and content management issues, as well as usability reporting and testing of over 10 internal and external websites.

    • Convinced of the necessity of the modern type of content management system (instead of the previous custom home-made system), thus considerably cutting development and support costs and reduced web projects release term.

    Cetera создает, развивает и продвигает интернет-магазины и другие типы веб-ресурсов.
    Февраль 2006 — Август 2010 (4 года и 7 месяцев)

    I joined as a Project Manager in 2006 and grew to the top of the Project Management team. I was in charge of the web-development department (up to 25 people) while coordinating and overseeing all of the company’s projects.

    Simultaneously took part in up to ten projects as a Product Owner, Project Manager and User Experience specialist.

    • Specialized on intricate clients and project, both from technical and management point of view.
    • Was involved in the process of attraction, placement, training, assessment and rewarding company employees, probationers and trainees on internship (more than 50 people over four years). Was the key contributor into quick and comfortable newcomer adaptation and low staff turnover
    • Released more than 50 projects.

      Some noteworthy projects:

    Высшее образование
    Ярославский государственный технический университет
    Факультет: Инженерно-экономический
    Январь 2000—Январь 2001 (1 год)
    Экономика и управление на предприятии
    Факультет: Архитектурно-строительный
    Январь 1996—Январь 2001 (5 лет)