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Front-end developer with 4+ years comprehensive experience in structuring, developing and implementing XHTML and HTML5 layouts, theming various sites and apps based on Ruby on Rails, Wordpress and Drupal. I have strong technical design background.

In my work I’m using (with love and respect) following technologies and frameworks: html5/css3, javascript, LESS/SASS compilers, Twitter Bootstrap, Git (as experienced user), JQuery, React.js (a little part of it) and Ruby on Rails. I have big experience with Wordpress.

Now I’m working mostly with Javascript and its MVC goodies such as React.js (framework made by Facebook). Recently started to learn Meteor.js and Angular.js. I know (on the level demanded for front-end development).

I’m working in all three popular OS (Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu). I can administer Unix system on basic level - e. g. can start and deploy basic LAMP or Rails environment on remote server or VPS. Also I have basic skills of using Heroku for deployment.
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Drupal разработчик, PHP разработчик • знакомый

Очень опытный фронтенд разработчик. Было очень приятно работать вместе.

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