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A profound, positive manager with 15 years of management expertise and resourceful insight in IT and business management; possesses power of mind, excellent communication skills and strong but smart leadership; with background of leading variable IT processes in infrastructure management, supporting most valid business applications (iManage, SUN etc), and excellent team management skills, is certain that with above skills,  when linked with the goals of assigned business and company vision will serve to create outstanding, recognizable results

Опыт работы
LLP JonesDay
Technology Support and Service Manager
Октябрь 2007 — По настоящее время (12 лет и 9 месяцев)

Key achievements

1. 2018 Leading the improvement of Ru information security environment, which was launched in 2013. The project was highly demanded by the business circomstances, connected with high value business information. This enabled preventing unauthorized access to any clients` information close to zero

2. 2017 Leading Ru office shift to a new infrastructure. The project included new mail system (MS exchange), new OS for clients descktops and servers, complete virtualization and management of series of trainings for all employees, to secure smooth transition . This huge and crucial for business project was lead and implemented with record speed timing and high quality, supporting very smooth and unnoticeable shift for the business;

3. 2015 Leading digital transformation in company`s daily operations The project included B2B platforms and government relations, mobile access to web-based company resources, secure access to any company`s resource from anywhere in the world (remote access), e-document.

Overall responsibilities:

1. Local head and voice of total company IT department to secure safe and stable work of local office;

2. P&L ownership;

3. Risc management

4. Leading local deals to secure Ru office daily work;

5. Giving solid support to cross functions – financial and HR departments in the areas of GR and banking;

6. Creation of DRP and ADRP

7. Lead a team of 3 people

Information Systems &Security analyst
Май 2006 — Октябрь 2007 (1 год и 6 месяцев)

1. Supporting office infrastructure.

2. Describing and co-ordination of all online processes.

3. Leading access levels for employees.

4. Co-ordinating projects betweel local and global IT offices.

5. Adminstrating Active Directory и Lotus Notes Domino  systems.

6. Leading contracting for new equipment purchase.

7. Creation of DRP and ADRP

8. Local management of global transition from WS 2000 to XP

9. Implementation and administrative support of change/service request management system for GM Russia

IT Specialist
Июль 2004 — Май 2006 (1 год и 11 месяцев)

1. Administrative support of Novell 4.х, windows 2000server

2. IBM Tivoli Management Environment

3. Supporting Windows 2000 workstation

4. Supporting Lotus Domino, MS access 2003, LAN, RSA ACE/server,.storage library (Storagetek L80), HP DATA Protector

5. Remote and local users support

Высшее образование
Институт современных образовательных технологий МГТУ имени Н.Э. Баумана
Факультет: Информатика и системы управления
Сентябрь 1998—Июнь 2004 (5 лет и 9 месяцев)

Информационные технологии и телекомуникации.

Post graduate (VNIIKP)


PMI (project management institute courses PMBoK)

ITIL courses

 Risk management courses