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CEO, founder
Июнь 2014 — По настоящее время (6 лет и 4 месяца)

Started project from scratch. Using all newest technologies and architect patterns. Looking for business contacts. Also I like to make conversations and share experience.
Technical stack:
1. Ember.js for user profile.
2. Rails 4.2 (moved to 5.2) for backend and main site.
3. CRM for agencies built from scratch by myself only. Moving to Vue.js
4. Nginx
5. AWS S3
6. Memcached

Online freelance marketplace
Senior Ruby on Rails developer
Апрель 2013 — По настоящее время (7 лет и 6 месяцев)

One of the top rated freelancer on Upwork with more than 4k billed hours. All reviews has score above 4.5, most has 5 stars. 

In previous jobs I used:
1. Ruby
2. Rails
3. Ember.js
4. Vue.js
5. Nginx
6. Memcached
7. AWS 
8. Heroku
9. CI services
10. Rspec\ Cucumber