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Co-Founder, Product Strategy, UI/UX Designer.

Not long after I began working as a developer, I returned to my original passion: design. I draw upon my perfectionism and a comprehensive mathematics education in all of my projects.

Co-founder of pixelpoint.io, with many years of UX/UI experience. I am enthusiastic about boosting revenue for companies that have excellent products and services. I’ve used proven design strategies to build over 30 products for top tier digital businesses.

You may have wondered how best to minimize risk, keep users happy and interested, and improve your conversion rates. It’s vital that your product has high quality UX and UI, but how can you get there? How can you cut down on unnecessary time and resources, and end up with a sleek, user-friendly product?

The digital marketplace is tough, and most online businesses won’t make it. Often, it’s because customers simply aren’t interested in the product. But, sometimes, the user experience is lacking, and that drives customers away - even if they were once enthusiastic about your product. I can help you quickly identify issues with your UX/UI, and ensure that your conversion rates are exactly where you want them.

I can help you by:

– Crafting a smooth user experience that improves conversion rates.

– Providing experienced mentorship throughout the project.

– Reducing project inefficiencies and overall waste.

– Creating actionable UX strategy to ensure your product is enticing.

– Carrying out continuous customer testing.

– Quickly identifying and correcting UX/UI problems.

– Improving value so you can keep marketing costs to a minimum.

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