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Professional software engineer with a passion for programming with 15+ years of experience in backend, frontend, and desktop development. Strong knowledge of algorithms, data structures, multi-threaded programming and design patterns. Low-level view of code execution. Team player focused on project and business success. Interested in challenging and varied position that will opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Опыт работы
Senior Software Engineer
Октябрь 2016 — Февраль 2020 (3 года и 5 месяцев)

The task of developing a public bulletin board. Each type of ad must be created by template. The templates are dynamic, they are created in the admin panel and consists of fields of different types. A special requirement solution must withstand high loads. We used horizontal load distribution, caching data in memory, building indexes, and many optimization techniques.

Senior Software Engineer
Май 2014 — Август 2016 (2 года и 4 месяца)

The company is engaged in auto parts retail. It has a lot of suppliers. The problem was that finding the right part from the suppliers was quite difficult. A system was created that collected data from parts suppliers. And it allowed to accelerate the work of a sales manager hundreds of times.

Senior Software Engineer
Ноябрь 2012 — Март 2014 (1 год и 5 месяцев)

The client-server application that organizes the work of dispatchers answering customer calls. A database of real estate is being maintained. Organize the work of realtors, conducting the stages of the deal.

Senior Software Engineer
Апрель 2010 — Август 2012 (2 года и 5 месяцев)

The system for maintaining the internal kitchen of the hospital. Keeping records of medical operations performed. Doctors rating. Cards of patients.

Software Engineer
Октябрь 2008 — Март 2010 (1 год и 6 месяцев)

Creating a system for displaying video ads on regular buses. Among the tasks were embedding running text in a video series, combining several videos into one. Advertising schedule.

Online freelance marketplace
Software Engineer
Ноябрь 2007 — Август 2008 (10 месяцев)

The work of a freelancer on upwork.com platform, several small projects.

Portal KHB
Software Engineer
Июнь 2006 — Март 2007 (10 месяцев)

Creation of an electronic document management system for a government organization. Solution for the internal network. Creation and storage of documents, setting resolutions and сonducting paperwork in electronic form. The project used cryptography, electronic signatures.

Alliance Software
Software Engineer
Июль 2005 — Июнь 2006 (1 год)

The solution for the police. Time tracking system. Each door is opened with an employee card. The system maintains door opening logs. The task was to build a logical system for how long the worker was in different rooms. Then draw conclusions on what time he began his working day, how much he finished, how much time he spent at dinner, how many days and hours he worked in a month.

ACP Copix
Software Engineer
Июнь 2004 — Июнь 2005 (1 год и 1 месяц)

The company is an official Xerox retailer. I participated in the development of a program for working with clients. Maintenance of equipment, accounting of the work done by the repair masters, time of visit, types of equipment, accounting of components for repair.

Software Engineer
Ноябрь 2001 — Май 2004 (2 года и 7 месяцев)

Federal Highway Administration. The main activity of the organization is road construction. It was necessary to create a management system for contractors. Accounting and control of construction work, materials used, and quality control of work performed.