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Обо мне

Primary program language skills: TypeScript (typed JavaScript, I’m very excited about various type systems and category theory at all).

Frontend JS frameworks: React + Redux/MobX, Backbone + Marionette.

I have some experience with JAVA and PHP, but I can do same tasks much better with NodeJS.

Familiar databases: MySQL, Cassandra and ClickHouse.

I actively propagandized and used DevOps tools: unit-tests, end-to-end tests, continuous delivery, continuous integration.

As a developer I willing to expand my stack with functional paradigm, event sourcing, react-native, F#, Scala.

Here you can find some test tasks - https://github.com/FlaPS/react-redux-snake . I can show you some other code on demand.

Профессиональные навыки
Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
Декабрь 2018 — Июль 2019 (8 месяцев)

- Project management
- costs & risks estimation 
- human resources 
- Database & eventsource research 
- Fullstack development for shure )

ООО "ТетраСофт" занимается разработкой инновационных программно-аппаратных систем для удаленного мониторинга бурения
Lead Fullstack developer
Ноябрь 2015 — Январь 2018 (2 года и 3 месяца)

Drilling operations software development and maintenance

FullStack JavaScript and AS3.

1. My last project was about distributed enterprise resource planning system. The main features: proper merge of distributed backend states, offline-first frontend, cooperated live edit of busyness objects.

The application fully written in JavaScript stack.

Database: MySQL for event logs as write model and in-memory immutable data structures as read model.

Backend: koa/event sourcing/websockets/ORM/actor model/microservices/functional paradigm)

Frontend: ReactJS/redux ecosystem/material-ui/storybook with own components and stories/websockets/


- Determine code style standards, code review, mentoring

- Developmet pipelines and setting up DevOps

- Isomorphic architecture(front/back)

- Scalable micro-services architecture and actor model based on event sourcing

- UI component toolkit

During the project, we hired a team of three developers and one UI architect.

2. Before, I worked with geological monitoring system frontend.

The scope of my tasks:

- high performance time series charts with up to 4 GB in memory data and a lot of settings for appearance from scratch

- pdf reports

- video streaming

- complex dashboard

- multilevel access control

- mobile application

CEO/Lead frontend developer
Август 2008 — Январь 2015 (6 лет и 6 месяцев)


- Management of a company up to 20 employees.
- Tech lead of frontend part of the games.
- Development and support cool projects with up to 2 million users.
- Free offline programming courses (AS3 and basics of OOP).

Used stack: AS1, AS2, AS3, Flex, Starling, FeathersUI, Genome2D, AMF, Adobe 

Media Server, Adobe Air (including native extensions and FlaCC)