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Обо мне

Originally I'm from the city of Odessa Ukraine. Here I was born and raised. In 2005 I graduated from high school with in-depth study of English (school №86). After I entered the Odessa National University . I Successfully graduated from the Law Faculty in 2011. After graduation, I went to an urgent compulsory military service with the aim of becoming a Professional military.But unfortunately the conditions that offer our country at that time did not suit me. And I went back to my hometown for that to become a member of the Ukrainian Security Service. At that time I started to get involved in electronics, though it did not fit my humanitarian education. Unfortunately when submitting documents to the Human Resources Department above indicating the organization,they explained to me that I will have to step over the conscience - of course if I want to be a successful employee. And just as I as a former military employee who gave the oath to serve the people of Ukraine I could not avoid its own moral fall, I decide to realize myself as a lawyer in another area. At the same time, I began to self-study HTML( just for fun). At the same time I was accepted for an internship of state executive service. After a three-month internship, I successfully passed the examination for the post of an official. But the state has offered me a job too far from civilization, that I as a lawyer and a cultured person is not liked. Later, I worked for a long time assistant of Lawyer. That did not bring much income and the necessary experience. What compelled me to seek public office. And I got a job in 2013 in the Public Joint-Stock Bank "PrivatBank" for the post of lawyer in the Legal Collection Department . There I worked for 4 months which allowed me to raise money for the care of study at the sailor. At this time I'm trying to overpower php which of course could not have been a suitable educational material, and when it came, there was no teacher. What led me to think about the need to raise money on the normal IT training. And so in a short time, I successfully passed the exams at the sailor, and set sail on a cruise ship. It was unforgettable experience as I was able to swim nearly the entire western and northern Europe, including Iceland. Of course drudgery, not allows me to spend time on a favourite hobby - programming. But I warmed the idea that soon I will be able to return home and enrol in training. After three months I went ashore, happy and rich. I had enough money to pay for contract in IT school Step on web development training.I learned html / html5 CSS / CSS3 (and Bootstrap) and successfully passed the exam on native JavaScript (11/12 my score) and jQuery. I consider myself ready to take up the post of junior Front End Developer. If you need, I'm ready to go through the test task for the above discipline. But I will not hide, I aI'm still a student at the stage of studying the Back-end ... Right now, we are studying the basics of php. I hope you pay attention to me, and provide the opportunity to work in your company!

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